Sunday 30 May 2021

Simply beautiful by Sandi Spink

Hi hope everyone is enjoying their week. I have always had a problem of knowing when to stop and when to add more or not, so today I decided to go back to my old style of simple is best. I have always loved white space so here is my take on going back to simple and beautiful using ' Fearless, Brave and Free' paper range by Fiona Paltridge.

I used:  Papers - Frames and Phrases 'Free', Circles 'Collections' 'Within' 'Leap' and the B sides of 'Confidence' and 'Chance'

12x12 white cardstock 

Music paper coloured with a wash of 'Lagoon'

Black cardstock to back title

Colour Blast Artist Ink- 'Sunburst'

Colour Blast Colour Spray- 'Lagoon', 'Carribean', 'Road base' 

colour Blast Shimmer dust- 'Amber'

Archival ink- black

Black wire

Step 1- I sprayed a small amount of 'Lagoon' onto the right side of the paper ensuring that there was minimum spray in the area. 

Step 2- Using the 'Carribean' spray I unscrewed the top and dropped droplets of colour over the 'lagoon' colour. Moving the paper helped the ink move, make patterns and mix. I let it dry slightly before adding more droplets so that I didn't get a large puddle. By placing the corner of a wet one into the puddle can draw up excess ink. 

Step 3- Whilst the ink is drying it's a good time to cut out the phrases, frames and shapes needed to be layered together to add dimension and colour. I used the artist dye ink 'Sunburst' to add red to the hearts to the frame.

 Step 4- Picking out a title and backing it with back card stock makes the title pop so after adding this to the page I decided to add arrows to connect the title and the layers. Remembering all the time.... simple don't add to much. I felt there was too much white space so I used the 'Lagoon', 'Carribean', 'Road base' and some 'Amber' shimmer dust mixed with a small amount of water to add splats. 

Sometimes things don't go to plan so if 2 colours mix that spoil the look you can do what I did and find some of the 'chance' circles cut them out and cover the area and then of course add a few more to even out the look. Mistakes can add a dimension you didn't think of before. 

Here is some closeups for you to look at:

Thanks for joining me and I hope I inspired you to check out this and other amazing kits at . You can find more inspiration and links on BeeArty's facebook page 

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