Wednesday 26 May 2021

SERENITY NOW!! canvas by Linda Pearson

Hey there, Bee Arters ....  

A quick post to showcase using the Buddha 2 – A4 mask and stencil from Michelle Grant's Silhouette collection.

Bee Arty Products used:  Buddha 2 – A4 mask and stencil and Life of colour pens - black

Other materials used:

30 x 40cm canvas

Large and Small  -  Flat artist brushes

Large and Small  -  Round artist brushes

Paint Palette

Acrylic Paints:  Violet, Magenta, Cool Red, Warm Red, White, Light Yellow, Black

The background requires lots of blending (large flat brush) starting with cool red across the top third of the canvas working down the canvas adding the warm red to the brush.  You may work in some white paint to the blending mixes to create lighter hues on the background.  Continue to work the magenta and violet/white mix colours blending as you go.  

Add some random blends of purple  and cool red over the canvas to create a textured look.  Dry off completely.

Moon - block in a circular moon shape, top of canvas, in white paint, dry off.  Next block in the moon shape with light yellow, dry off.   Mix white with light yellow add some texture to the moon,  swipe a touch of warm red to the light yellow mix.  With a flat brush drag  a small amount of yellow/red mix across the moon and spread past onto the sky.

Mountains - Violet mixed with a little black on small flat brush drag the brush across the middle of the canvas from left to right to create some mountain shapes.  Dry brush some light violet and magenta to create depth in mountains.  Dry off completely.

Foreground (Buddha and bamboo foliage) - Place the Buddha 2 – A4 mask and stencil onto the canvas then use the black Life of colour pen to trace the shape onto the canvas. Place the mask from the Buddha stencil, trace in the arms of the buddha.  Fill the silohouetted shape in black paint. 

Ground/bamboo - Add some rocks/ground around the bottom of the stencil and fill in with black paint also.  Use the small round brush loaded with black add bamboo stalks, add leaves to the stalks and grass strokes along the ground.  

Thanks for stopping by ...

Linda Pearson

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