Saturday 20 March 2021

You Amaze Me by Tracey Campbell

Hello everyone, Tracey Campbell here with with my latest 12x12 layout using awesome Colour Blast by Bee Arty products. Do you ever set yourself a challenge? If I'm in a scrapping rut or finding myself without any mojo I set myself a challenge. As I have been busy with work and with my family I have found that my mojo is lacking so it was self challenge time..... "The Three Challenge". Pick three pattern papers, three stencils and three stamps and use them on a page. I picked the following materials to start my self challenge with from the Bee Arty range:

Stamp Sets: Meridian, Cool Words and Fearless

Stencils: Organised Chaos, Keep Going and Encircled

Patterned Papers: Transform, Fearless, Brave & Free, and Strength 

So this is what I did to create my layout. Fussy cut a few squares, triangles and a circle from the Fearless, Brave and Free patterned paper.  Chose and cut out a word title, I picked You Amaze Me. 
Place the Organised Chaos Stencil over the top of the Transform patterned paper spray the image using Envy and Singin The Blues Shimmer Spray. I sprayed the centre of the stencil with the Singin The Blues colour and used Envy on the outer edges.  Tip: place scrap paper over laying the edges of the stencil so that you do not get spray over the stencil to avoid the straight edges on your patterned paper. 

I sprayed in two parts, the top of the page first, then cleaned off the stencil and did the bottom half of the paper. Tip: Flip the stencil while it is still wet with spray onto another sheet of paper of some cardstock to get a reverse image to use as a starting point for another layout.  The photo below shows the imprint left from spaying the Shimmer Sprays on to the patterned paper. 

Using Stormy Weather Embossing Powder, the Meridian stamp and an embossing ink stamp down the right side of the of the patterned paper. 

Set with a heat tool.

Now more stencilling, grab some Heavy Black Gesso, a palette knife and the Encircled stencil. Position the stencil so that it run vertically down the right hand side of the page over lapping the embossing and spray images already on the paper. Spread the Gesso through with a palette knife. 

Flip the stencil and run the lines of the stencil horizontally across the paper, but only stencil half of the image. Set aside to dry.

Use the Strength patterned paper and mat two 3x4 inch portrait photos. Use black ink and stamp the Cool Words down the page running them over the top of the mixed media work you have already done. I apologise that I did not take a photo of me doing this, but you can see the position of the Cool Words in the finished layout. 

Finish off the layout by adhering the photos in the centre of the page where the lines of the Encircled stencil work intersect. Stick with white glue the triangles, squares and the circle so that they overlap with each other (shape cluster) and tuck them under the top left, top right and bottom right corners of the photos.
Adhere the title over the top of the top right hand shape cluster.  
Use a black Sharpie pen and add a bit of journalling and a circle and line boarder around the outer edge of the layout. 

Here are a few close ups.

The finished layout, a colourful funky layout of my youngest daughter just after her Colour Run at school.

If you have scrolled back to the start of my post to see the list of the 3 stamps, the 3 stencil and the 3 papers to see if I did actually use them all..... well I can say that I came close. I didn't end up using one stamp set and one stencil!! :) I got to the stage where I was happy with the layout and felt it was complete without using them all so I just popped them to the side, after all the really challenge was to find my mojo and I think I found it. I hope that I have given you an idea on how to help yourself of a scrapping rut when mojo is low. Let me know if this works for you. 


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