Tuesday 6 November 2018

Its a plan by Kristy Abela

Welcome back peeps to my new journal page.
I am using a layering technique here where I create colour and then push it into the background with a neutral and then repeat the process till I am comfortable with the look. I loved the quote in this; when I journal I never know what I am going to get. Let me walk you through the process.

I squeezed on my work surface Colour Artist Ink in Grass. I didn't dilute this as I wanted to have a really vibrant back ground come through all my layers.

I turned over the page and smooshed and dabbed spreading the colour as far as it would go.

I repeated the process with Colour Artist Ink Barley and then Walnut using only a small amount of the darkest colour so I didn't drown out the others

I had planned to spray the Colour Spray Grape through the mask and add another layer (bottom corner) but felt that it was going to drown out the original brights. SO... I flipped the mask over and used it like a stamp seeing as it was already loaded with ink.

I wanted to add some texture and contrast. Here I used my Colour Paste in Sunshine and lightened the page again.  

When you do this style you have to able to surrender your background an not be afraid to cover it up. A total leap of faith!

So here you can see that I have added a neutral layer, by adding black or white to the project you create a fresh surface to alter.

I added a layer of interest with my Colour Paste in Steel...

I'm jumping ahead a little.. Using my Michelle Grant Stencil from the Flight of Fancy range I added a neutral layer in White with Colour Blast Heavy Gesso... And pushed it into the background again with the a black layer.. (you can use an inkpad or Heavy Gesso Black with a sponge) and darken the edges to close in the focus of the project.

I lost a few pictures along the way but if you look closely at the original pic you can see that I blended the background in with some Colour Blast Heavy Gesso in white so I could add my focal point as a feature. With so much noise in the background I ran the risk of a hot mess... I used my finger to smudge it on so I didn't get a thick layer and cover it up all together..

I used a charcoal pencil to outline the Paper Dolls. Another technique for focusing the eye and added a rub of my Colour Shimmer Brush Marker in Clear to the buttons. Splattered away making sure I had covered up my focal point and Viola!!

Hope you enjoyed this process and will give it a go.. I really like knowing if I have managed to inspire.. Post some pics of how you went on our Facebook page or leave a comment on my post. 
Thanks for looking! 

Abela Artistry

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