Monday 24 September 2018

Beautiful Moment by Suzanne Franin

Hey Everyone Suzanne here

This picture is of my daughter Natalii and her Godmother Kathy at her wedding it's such a beautiful photo of the two of them 
I made this as a gift for Kathy that's the reason for the colour 
She has copper in her kitchen and family room area and I love the colour so that helps

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Colour Blast have Sienna in a few of their products including - Colour PasteColour Embossing PowderColour Shimmer Spray and the Colour Shimmer Cubes when they were available (hopefully they will be back again one day soon)

I happen to have the Sienna Colour Shimmer Cube
So I made it into a spray in my little water bottle and sprayed the frame randomly until I was happy with the effect and the amount of colour on it
I love how it's gone into the grooves of the frame and how much of a shimmer it has 
You will get the same shimmer with the Sienna Colour Shimmer Spray (I just don't have that yet) 

I used one of the new stencils with the Sienna Colour Paste in the top corner just for a bit of texture (and I really love how shimmery it is)

Then on a paper clay key hole I added some Sienna Colour Embossing Powder 
The powder didn't really like the clay, so it didn't come out as smooth as it normally does but I still like the texture and love the colour

I  painted on some embossing ink on to the top of the flowers with a brush and then dipped them in the Sienna Colour Embossing Powder

To give some added texture and interest to the flowers instead of just plain white ones

Well that's it from me I hope you liked this project and love the Sienna like I do 

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back soon x

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