Wednesday 5 September 2018

World Cup 2018- Chrissi M

Hi Lovelies
Boy do I have a fun one for you today!!!
Now I'm sure at some point, everyone has done the shaving cream and food colouring marbling, right? But did you know, this technique works AMAZING with Colour Blast Artist Inks? I kid you not! And it is so much fun to do. 

So you're going to need a baking tray, some baking paper, shaving cream and your artist inks. Now the good thing about this technique, is you never get the same result twice. I love 'testing' out my colours and supplies by doing a few trials on plain paper first. I then use these experiments and trails for collage papers or in junk journals, so nothing ever goes to waste.

Now the fun part. Cover that tray in shaving foam. Then add a few drops of your chosen Colour Blast Artist Ink colours in random areas-I've used Citrus and Lime. Then, using a skewer or toothpick, swirl that colour around with the shaving foam. Then it is as simple as setting your paper onto the shaving foam and letting that ink soak into the paper. I tend to leave it for about a few minutes, it doesn't take very long at all. When you pull it up it will be covered in shaving cream. I have this nifty little squeegee type tool I got from my local hardware store. Works perfectly to take the shaving foam off gently. You don't need one of these though, an egg flip works just as well. Just be gentle when doing this step, as the paper will be very soft.
When you wipe away the foam, you will be left with an amazing marble pattern underneath. I'm always amazed by how magically this works lol. When my son saw all the things out on the bench, he really wanted a go too. He had a great time helping mum. Its a great activity for the kids to help with too. There is no way to get this technique wrong.
So after I had perfected my colours and technique, now it was time to do this to a sheet of cardstock. Now, yes my baking tray was too small to fit an entire 12x12 piece of cardstock, but seeing as I wanted to concentrate my pattern to the middle quarter of my cardstock, this worked perfectly for me.
I repeated my process again, and got this magical background. It honestly turned out as perfectly as I had hoped, I was so impressed.
Then it was time to start putting my layout together. This part didn't take too long at all. I really didn't want too add too much to it because I really wanted that background to pop and be the main focus. This was a page about my husband and son all dressed up for the Socceroos first World Cup match. So I was very happy with how the colours turned out. I used some of the new Colour Blast August Release Stamps to add some interest to my background. I used a mixture of the Going my Way and All the Way Stamps.
Then I grabbed my Colour Blast Artist Ink in Soot and added some fine splatters with a fan paint brush, and then some big drops straight from the dropper.
To embellish my page, I kept it simple with some twine I got in my Colour Blast August Kit, and an arrow embellishment and a few wood veneer stars here and there. 
After adding my title and some journaling, I was done. I absolutely LOVE this technique and the Colour Blast Artist Inks work so well with it. Will definitely have to try some other colour combinations. 
This page turned out exactly as I had hoped and I just love it. I hope you have enjoyed the technique too. Happy Scrapping
Chrissi xxx

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