Wednesday 6 June 2018

"Browser Brain" by Sue Plumb

Hi everyone!
Sue Plumb here with my latest design team project for you. Today I have an 8.5x11" scrapbook page to share using Colour Artist Inks and Colour Paste that was inspired by a recent quote I saw and shared on Facebook. As soon as I saw it I could totally relate to it, as it pretty much sums up my constantly over-active brain. And a busy brain filled with so many things could only be accurately depicted by a layout that reflects the same things, right?

Before I even bagan, I knew the only way to achieve the look I was going for was to use layers - lots of layers; so bear with me while I take you through my process. 
To start with, I grabbed white cardstock; book paper; music paper; and matte medium to create a collaged background. I also added some random stamping using assorted word and image stamps. (Stamps by Viva Las VegaStamps and Carabelle Studio.)
As I knew my page was going to be very busy, I made sure to leave enough white space around the edges for the viewers eye to rest.

The next step was to start adding some colour, so I grabbed for my favourite Colour Blast product - Colour Artist Inks, in the shades of Lime, Oasis, Calypso and Citrus.

I then sprayed my background with a mist of water from a spray bottle, before using the droppers to add drops of ink around the page. (Be sure to use complimentary colours, as they are going to blend.) My tip here is don't use too much ink or go too close to the edges of the page, as you want to preserve that white space! You can see how some of the inks began spreading immediately due to the page being wet.

Once I had added drops of each colour where I wanted them, it was time to start spreading the colour. I didn't want the colours being too vibrant or dominating on this layer, so I chose to spread them with more water. I did this by again using my spray bottle, and by holding the nozzle very close to each ink drop on the page I spritzed it once or twice with water. This not only diluted the ink, but also fanned the colours out to begin blending together. I also picked up my page and tilted it slightly in each direction to help the process along.
I then carefully placed it flat again and immediately dried it with a heat gun so I could preserve the integrity and placement of the inks. (You can see the hard water lines that form when you dry quickly using this method.)

Next, it was time to freshen up the page using some white heavy gesso. I didn't want the yellow tint of the book and music paper showing too much in the areas the ink hadn't touched, so I applied a little gesso with my fingertip to soften it. (In some areas I used a wiping motion with my finger, whilst in other smaller areas it was just a little dab.)

Now it was time to liven things up with some contrast and texture! I used the amazing Mandala Floral stencil from StencilGirl Products; and applied Royalty Colour Paste through it with a palette knife.

To ensure the stencil didn't move and ruin any of the intricate details, I used washi tape to secure it to my page before spreading the Colour Paste. This stencil measures 9x12", so I was able to use the entire design on my page, and it looked amazing when it was removed. 

At this point I thought my page needed another colour for some additional contrast; so I reached for Slipper Colour Artist Ink and applied some very fine splatters around the edge of my design using a small, stiff brush. I then used my heat gun to dry the entire page thoroughly before moving on.

The final steps in my process were to add the photo and embellishments to my page. I used a paper doily and some frayed gauze under my photo to help separate it from the background, as well as adding some cardboard behind it to pop it up. 
I added some twisted, coloured wire using staples; title alphas (using the natural flow of the stencil as a guide for placement); a Charms Creations chevron; my printed quote and a few enamel dots for some extra small pops of colour.

And with that, my page was complete!

You can see all the multiple layers at play here and also how I used the natural curves from the stencilled image to dictate the position of my title alphas. 

The bright yellow doily contrasts against the other colours and helps separate the photo from the background, whilst the chevron also helps draw attention to it.

Cutting the quote into pieces and placing them haphazardly rather than straight, also helped to reinforce the theme of the page. 

Thanks for stopping by today so I could share this with you. I hope I have inspired you to try your hand at creating your own multi-layered project.

For all my fellow Brisbane peeps - don't forget that the Brisbane Scrapbook & Papercraft Expo is on daily at the Convention Centre from Thursday 7th - Sunday 10th. The Colour Blast girls will have all your favourite products on sale (and some show specials too), so make sure you stop by the stand. 
If you see me wandering around on Thursday or Sunday, please come up and say hi!
Until next time, happy scrapping!

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  1. This is awesome i love the tips & trick to use color the spray bottle that how to use it properly. Thanks for this Valuable information.