Tuesday 24 April 2018

Art Journal page "Just Live" by Louise + process video

Hi Colour Blast fans

I'm not sharing a scrapbook page!
I'm sharing an Art Journal page.

"Just Live"

I'm very green when it comes to art journalling, however ...
I've discovered it's very fun to create without the pressure of coordinating a photo and a memory.
I love the creative outlet.

So if your new to art journalling or have never tried it before ...
Give it a go, check out a class, watch a YouTube video or just create.

For this creation I have used:

Colour Paste Singing the Blues
Colour Paste Royalty
Colour embossing powder Bling


I'm using a Strathmore soft cover journal and have not prepped my page.

Using a spatula, spread the Colour Paste Singing the Blues in stripes onto the page.

Allow to dry naturally then repeat with Colour Paste Royalty

I use a scrap piece of paper to protect my opposite journal page.
Choose your stencil and attach it with washi tape.
Sponge the Black heavy gesso across the paste.

Peel back the stencil and clean it straight away - sometimes the gesso stains the stencil.

Once dry, water down some of the White heavy gesso and using a fan brush, add some splatters to the page.
Also, brush the watered down gesso around the page to create a frame.

I've created a simple title, by cutting it with the Silhouette Cameo and layering the same cut various times.
I then added two coats of Colour embossing powder Bling.

I really like the pop of colour behind the black gesso.
This was fun and easy to create with quite a striking result - especially when flicking through the pages of my art journal.


You can see the whole process in the video below.

Thanks for visiting.
Happy Crafting

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