Sunday 29 April 2018

Surfs Up by Tracey Campbell

The flexibility of these Colour Blast products is only one of the many reasons why I reach for them each and every layout. For example in this layout I am sharing with you today I have used them in a few different ways and each way is so easy and fun to do.
My first way I want to share with you now is how I used the Colour Shimmer Spray to create a back ground that I wanted to kind of link back to a body of water.... to relate to "Surf" to tie in the photo. I simply shook the bottle of Singin the Blues Colour Shimmer Spray and then poured a few drops straight onto the cardstock.
Using my finger I spread out the blobs across the cardstock until I got the look of water spread across the page.
I did add a bit more Colour Shimmer Spray and kept spreading it until I got the look that I was after.
As I wanted to hurry the process up I used a paper towel to mop up the excess.
While the back ground was drying I hand cut out three shapes that resembled surfboards from cardstock.
The first two surfboards I sprayed with Leather Colour Shimmer Spray and let them dry.
Once dry I spread some Heavy White Gesso through a stencil over one of the Leather Colour Shimmer Sprayed surfboards. Let dry and it is finished.
The second sprayed surfboard I placed some thin strips of washi tape over it and then spread some Just Blue Colour Paste over the top. Let dry.
For the third surfboard I wet the edges of the cardstock with water and then painted them again with some Sapphire Colour Spray. I added the water to the edges to make the Colour Spray bleed across the page. When it was dry it dried a bit lighter than what I wanted so I repeated the process but this time I used Calypso Artist Ink to give a more vivid colour.
Next I loaded a calligraphy pen up with Soot Artist Ink and used the pen to journal on the dried surf board.

The calligraphy pen with the Artist Ink in it is a great way to doodle on your layout to create highlights under titles and interest to the page.
I then simply put it all together to create this simple, fun page.
So such easy ways to use the Colour Blast products but as you can see the simple ways are often the best.

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