Sunday 12 July 2020

Fly High, Dream Big by Tracy Jackson

Good morning Bee Arty fans...

Today I want to show you a card that I have used many stamps from 5 different Bee Arty Stamp Sets!

For this card I wanted to add a bit more detail to the flower set from Floral Delights 1.
So firstly I stamps a background stamp from Textiles Stamp Set. At this stage I really didnt have a clear idea on how many flowers I wanted so just stamped a few extra.

Next I stamped the 3 different sizes of flowers from Floral Delights 1

At this stage I could have coloured them in with Bee Arty Colour Artists Inks, but decided to fussy cut first and put them to the side - confession time... I still had no idea in mind on what I was doing!

This next stage is when an idea started to form. 
Firstly I selected two Artist Ink colours - Lime and Spice. splattered them both on a card and added some water at top to make it run down and around the edges.
Next I selected 3 stamps for the boarders from Confidential Stamp set and stamped these with Archival Ink

I just had to add the Bee stamp from Make Me Happy Stamp set. 
Then mounted card face on black cardstock to make it "pop"
I then coloured the flowers in the same colours as the background using the Artist Inks and watercolour pen

Finally before placing all together I felt like something was missing - there was too much space on the background for me, so I added the wire stamp from Life Is Tough Stamp Set
I also stamped another bee - fussy cut, coloured in copics then stuck down on top of stamped image. I

Finally happy and all glued down I mounted onto a white card.
I added some stickles to wings of bee and white pen to highlight flowers.

This was a real mix and match card using all those different stamp sets, if it works why not? Your only limited by your own imagination
Until next time... Happy crafting

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