Thursday 18 October 2018

Steampunk Inspired Coffin by Suzy Loudon

As Halloween approaches I decided to decorate a cute little coffin I picked up. I decided to go Steampunk. I had lots of fun making it. Especially as it has a light activated scary laugh which kept going off each time the lid was opened.

It started off as a simple wooden coffin.

First step was to paint it with Heavy Black Gesso.

I used some texture paste through a variety of stencils.

Once dry I used gel medium to stick a all sorts of metals down. I left this overnight to dry well.

It was then time for a very thorough coat of black gesso. At this point I also painted the inside.

Using Leather & Dusty Charcoal Texture Pastes, I put a small amount out onto my craft mat. Using my finger I dabbed the paste over some areas of the metals.

I activated my Shimmer Cubes with water. If you don't have the cubes you can also use your Shimmer Sprays using a paint brush.
The colours I used were Steel, Dusty Charcoal, Leather, Bling, Sienna & Deep Water.

I first painted the around the charms using Steel (onto the actual coffin).

Then using the other colours I painted onto the metals until I was happy. After picking up the colour from each of the cubes I used my craft mat to dab of any excess giving me more control on colouring & highlighting.

I used all the excess on my craft mat to give the inside a little colour.

For the inside I cut out the coffin shape in some packing cardboard. I then painted it with Heavy White Gesso as the material I used to cover it was sheer.

 I took photos of all sides.

Happy Halloween everyone.
xxx Suzy


  1. Muy original.
    Me encanta cada paso a paso que explicas, colores y abalorios.
    El esqueleto está genial.
    Felicidades por ello.
    Besos y feliz semana!!!

  2. creepy! love the work though Suzy. Creative and effective. love it! :)