Friday 26 October 2018

Kisses, by Amanda Hartmann

Hi Colour Blast fans!

Some of my favourite colours used here, to create my very own background!

I started with a heavy duty sheet of cardstock. I taped off a 12x12 stencil to the cardstock. This allowed me to apply gesso through just two thirds of the stencil. I used White Heavy Gesso which is the perfect consistency for using through stencils; it is applied easily and does not bleed.

Once dry, I add colour. To create the colour on the two thirds of the page, I combined Colour Artist Inks and water. I used two complimentary colours - Calypso and Mermaid. I sprayed the page with water and then using a wet brush, I painted spots, pockets and splatters of colour to the page. I kept an equal mix of colour and white space. Adding water gave a water effect rather than a strong vibrant colour.
And here is my final page and some close ups.
I finished the page with a few simple embellishments, stickers and some black pen doodling. I also added some black splatter in Colour Artist Ink in Soot.
At times, I have left over colour when creating projects. Often I soak up the extra colour in some muslin material. This muslin is a perfect little detail to add in cluster.
Thanks for looking at my page today. Do you like creating your own backgrounds??

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