Tuesday 23 October 2018

Grunge Heart - Kristy Abela

Hey all, Time for a bit of a teen layout...
I wanted to make something quick and easy, up-cycling some random pieces from my stash. I set myself an hour for this task and was so pleased with the result.. Can you find an hour too?

I kept the colours simple as I wanted a grungy effect. I only had half a heart I fussy cut from an old piece of paper so the layout formed around that. 

I marked out where the embellishments were going to be and started spraying with my Colour Spray in Road Base... I knew I wanted drippage so I worked with a water mister as well to get the spray to flow.

I didn't have any red spray on hand (put that on the shopping list) so I made up a spray with my Colour Artist Ink in Sunburst. I only used three drops in an teaspoon of water as I didn't want the colour to dilute too much.

I added some stamping to the background

I added some Colour Paste in Stormy Weather to add some texture to the stamped areas. Waited for that to dry... 

I used some Colour Embossing Powder in  Dusty Charcoal... Watered down some Colour Blast Heavy Gesso White and splattered the background... 
And reassembled my page!

Hope you can find time for a quick create this week. Pop your projects onto the Facebook page so I can see what you come up with in your One Hour Challenge!

Abela Artistry


  1. So handsome love the grunge look xx

  2. 1 hour 👀 I take forever to do anything lol, great layout Kristy 🖤🖤