Tuesday 26 July 2016

An Art Journal Page by Krisy Podolak

I'm back with another Art Journal Page.  These NEW Colour Shimmer Dusts are so fun to work with.  I was creating a series of backgrounds to make some cards and when I sat down to create with this one I couldn't help but see some aliens in the shapes so I decided I would make this one into an art journal page.

The background was created using a "puffing" technique.  I lightly spritzed and splattered the page with water using a mister and wet paint brush and then using a fine pipette, sucked up some powder and puffed it onto the wet paper. The paper was only lightly wet so the colour dissolved but didn't spread creating a colourful constellation effect.

I allowed it to dry naturally so that the colours would remain separate and dry without mixing too much. Once it was dry I used a black marker to draw and add details to my figures.

I decided to add this one to my art journal over a background I had created using my Gelli Plate.  I then journalled a bit of a story onto the background.  I didn't want the journalling to be the focus so it does blend in to the background and isn't easily seen.  But I felt the page needed it to tell the story.

As this was created in a series of cards you will have to watch my card tutorial next month so see the background being created along with quite a few others.

To see the full range of Colour Blast products click on the link.

Until next time,

Krisy x

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