Wednesday 27 July 2016

A Beautiful Life by Kaye Halls

Hi Everyone, Kaye here again with a project I've been playing with. This is a prime example of projects that have evolved as I worked on them and ends up nothing like I originally envisioned.

At Christmas I was given a box of Whitakers chocolates and in true scrapbookers style I looked at the empty box and thought ...."that would make a great project!", so thats what I did.

I started with the box which I removed all the chocolate branding.

Next I painted the box inside and out with black gesso.

Once it was dry I started putting Colour Paste through a couple different stencils. I started with Deep Water and Steel in the top left hand corner.

 then I used a diamond pattern stencil and the same two colours as well as Royalty. By putting several different colours over the stencil you get a really great end result .... just make sure you clean the palette knife between colours.

 Now this is a prime example of why should plan your project out, because I didn't think of putting the die cuts on until after the Colour Paste which then meant I had to be really careful when  painted over them with the gesso. I put some bricks in the bottom left hand corner and in the top right hand corner.

 Because I wanted to create a focal point in the centre of the box lid I placed some chipboard cogs that I'd diecut inside the frame I was using and trimmed them to fit then glued them down and painted over them with black gesso.

 I painted the wooden frame with black gesso and then looked at it and thought "no, to plain" so I used Deep Water, Steel, Royalty and Stormy Weather Colour Paste on my finger as a rub over the frame. I also used them as a rub over the cogs which will end up in the centre of the frame.

 Once that was done I used a nice juicy clear ink on the top half of the chipboard word, and embossed it with Steel Colour Embossing Powder. Once it set I put another layer of ink and another layer of Steel Colour Embossing Powder to make sure I had a good thick layer. Next I repeated the process on the bottom half of the word using Royalty, making sure the colours slightly overlapped.

Once I had all the elements completed I glued down the frame with the word centred over the top.

 I then added some beads and bling to finish it off.

 And there you have it ..... the completed lid!

My next project is to make a mini album to go in the box. 

If you'd like to check out the rest of the fantastic Colour Blast products just follow this Link to the Colour Blast website.

Thanks for stopping by, have fun creating.

Until next time,


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  1. Kaye your such an inspiration and always give me a smile,theme for the competition LOL.