Monday 25 July 2016

Creat Me Life By Nirvana

Hi Everybody!!

Here I am today with my last creation, 
because I leave the team, my term of 6 months being ended!

The following are the steps for my project. I begin by spreading   modeling paste on my page through a stencil.


Then I sprayed it with Leather Colour Shimmer Spray.


Over the Shimmer Spray I splattered black ink.

Having positioned my photo, I stamped here and there, and I draw stencils with a pen.
And I color by means of a brush, the inside of my stencils, with the spray Leather.

I use then the Leather Colour Paste on a stencil.

Thank you for having followed me during these 6 months!!! 
See you soon on my blog or on Facebook!!!!

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