Saturday 26 March 2016

Easter Fun by Danielle Vertigan

 Boy these weeks come around fast.
I have a layout to share with you and I will say it took a very unexpected turn....
Colours, theme you name it, it changed.....
This is not the layout I envisaged but don't you just love it when it all just falls into place!!
So I'll get into where it started....
I got 2 sheets of white cardstock and 1 sheet of blue.
Now because I am going to layer these I chose to cut the centres out to use later..
 I attached a white sheet first to my backing card. This sheet remains a 12x12
The blue sheet I removed .5cm off the top and 1 side edge.
I attached this as my second layer. With my last sheet of white I removed 1cm from the top and one side then layered, this as my final piece.
 I had some old chipboard letters I recently found and this is a great idea I picked up to use them.
Lay them out on your page randomly as you feel will best compliment your layout.
Don't worry about the colours. Glue them down once you are happy.
Once glued paint an even coverage using your gesso.
This will take two coats.

Allow to dry between coats. You can see the difference in the coverage on the second coat. I also dabbed in spots to avoid stroke lines.

 This is where my original plan took a whole new direction.
My colours changed, my image changed and the layout took on a life of its own.
Its time to add colour!
 I started by smearing with a palette knife and then added water with the paint brush. I rolled this around and continued adding depth to the colour by layering more product using my brush.
I smeared the paste directly to the letters for a solid coverage being careful not to loose the definition. I repeated the same with the lilac and any access smears where wiped in the bottom corner and left untouched.

This layout has it all and next I added a layer with the sprays.
I liberally spritzed with the pink in the bottom left section and the lilac in the top left whilst it was wet I sprinkled it with the matching embossing powders and took out the heat gun.

I used the same process in the bottom right using the Just Blue and took the same three steps with the Paste, Spritz and Embossing Powders
I also added a touch of pink to the top right on my photo corner.
I coated sections of letters with a crackle paint and allowed to dry.
Then it was time to embellish.
I cut some strips with the left over Cardstock to create my frame.
And smeared some pink and lilac on the white lapping the colour slightly.
I allowed this to dry then punched it out with an oval punch to create my Easter eggs!
I inked the edges in a dark blue and dipped them into the embossing powder to add another element.
I'm really happy with the results.

I love the results and as you can see my little Bunnies are the perfect layout for this fabulous Easter Weekend!!!
This shot was by the beautiful Murray River on our annual Camping trip and one of those rear moments when they all co-operate!
So from my bunnies to yours have a very Happy Easter!!!

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