Tuesday 12 July 2022

Just A Kitchen Dance Party by Charmane Koch


Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I am sharing with you a layout I created using a mix of Dies and Gold Mirror Board & Pink & Purple Shimmer Dusts from Bee Arty, it's amazing how many variants of colour you can get just from a couple of Shimmer Dust colours - depending on how much water is added.

I cut out a few different dies with Gold Mirror Board & white cardstock - Beaded Die, Desire Metal Die & Party Metal Die.  

I coloured the White Cardstock Dies with a mix of Lollipop & Passion Shimmer Dusts.

I also coloured a Charms Creations DIY Heart using the same mix of colours. I used the same colours for the background of the layout. I splattered the Shimmer Dusts with a paint brush.

I coloured the chipboard veneer with Passion Shimmer Dusts. Love the shimmery effect the Shimmer Dusts have.

These are the dies I used...


I added the title & heart stickers & I also added a Bee Arty Flair 

Had so much fun putting this layout together! Thanks so much for popping by!

XO Charmane

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