Friday 15 July 2022

Bee 100% you by Sandi Spink

 Hi everyone,

Hoping you have been able to curl up with your papers and bits and pieces to create some amazing memories and art during these cold winter days and nights.

I have been having fun getting my fingers covered with the beautiful Fluoro powders whilst I was getting back to playing with the BeeArty products in my journal. 


Products used:

Mica Powders - Fluro Green, Fluro Yellow, Fluro Orange and Fluro Pink

Colour Paste-  Stormy Weather

Stencils - '100%' and 'Distance' (A5 stencils), 'Pavement' (A4 stencils)

Stamps- Bokeh stamp set. 

White Gesso and Modeling Paste

Background- I created the background in layers. 1st layer was white gesso sealing of the page then added 'Pavement' stenciling with modeling paste. The next layer was made with mixing the different colours of Mica Powders individually with a small amount of water and using a spatula, brush and my fingers I added layers of colour starting with Fluoro Yellow and then adding Fluoro Orange next. 

Using a piece of corrugated cardboard I used it as a stamp, placing some thickish mixed Fluro Green spread thinly onto my work mat and transfering the striped pattern of the cardboard onto the page. 

The circles were made by tracing around different items I had on my table including a makeup sponge, the lids of a spray bottle and mica powder container. Each circle was painted with Fluoro mica I made into a paint consistency. 

The next was the ' Be 100% You' stenciling and arrows from the '100%' stencil with the last layer being added using black and white paint pens, circles and writing scribble and stamping with the  'Bokeh' stamp with black ink.


 Happy creating, see you soon with another of my creations.


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