Sunday 27 February 2022

Love This by Tracey Campbell

Hello everyone, Tracey Campbell back again to share with you today. Did you know that Bee Arty has a monthly challenge? You didn't !! Well if you would like to find it head to the Bee Arty Hive on Facebook, here you will find the challenge along with all sorts of inspiration from the Creative and Design Teams, beautiful layouts that the members of the Hive have done, along with a group of friendly lovely people ready to say hello and welcome you.  I used the Bee Arty February Challenge as inspiration for my layout, so grab a cuppa and sit back with me as I take you though my process.

The February Challenge was a sketch challenge with beautiful hues of purple. Now you do now have to use both the sketch and the colour palette together if it is too challenge. You can simply do the sketch or just use the colours. The choice is yours.
I deicide to give both a go.
I started by going through my stack of Bee Arty paper supplies to see what purples I had. I found lots of smaller pieces of  paper left over from the Trend Setter Collection and a piece of Symbolic from the Three Six Five Collection but I didn't find a complete 12x12 for the background so I had to create one.
To do this I took out a piece of  White Cardstock, the Vamp and Basket Background stamps
Using a clear Embossing Ink stamp the large image from the Vamp stamp set onto the centre of the white cardstock, the repeat so that the image spread across the base. See the photo below for the final placement of the stamping. You will only be able to see a slight image of the stamp at this stage, I have already applied Embossing Powder to this image below. Which is the next step I will take you through.
One at a time sprinkle some Colour Blast Embossing Powder randomly over the wet Embossing Ink and tip the excess back into the pots. I used Lovely Lilac, Blush and Rose Petal, all three colours beautifully match the colour selection for the challenge. Remember to sprinkle, then tip off the excess. Do not do another colour until you have tipped off the first colour or you will mix up the colours of the remaining Embossing Powders.
Next use a heat gun and activate the Embossing Powders. You will create a stamped background that has the image with various colours through it. 
Next use a purple ink and stamp the crosshatched flower image from the Basket Background stamp over the top of the Embossed Vamp image. Tip: I have actually cut the rectangle boarder off from the Basket Background creating two separate stamps. I did this simply by pushing through a very pointed pair of scissors through the blank corner of the stamp and cut around the Basket Background, being very careful where the two images get very close to each other. It can be a bit scary doing this but it gives you more flexibility with the stamp - creating two from one.
Next I used Lovely Lilac Colour Shimmer Spray and squirted it around the page. Hint: When using the Shimmer Sprays if you press the squirt head down slowly it creates large drops, when you press fast it created a fine spray.
The photo below is how the back ground looked after I had finished spraying the Lilac Colour Shimmer Spray on it.

I felt it need a bit more contrast to the background so when dry I took the lid off the Royalty Shimmer Spray and flicked drops of it across the page using the straw as the tool to create droplets.
Here is the final background. 
Next I cut and tore two pieces of the purple papers from the Trendsetter and Three Six Five collections. I left straight edges on the top and left hand side of the paper and tore the edges of the right and bottom edges. I then used the Vamp stamp set and the Rose Petal Embossing Powder to stamp the left and bottom of the rough rectangles and set it with a heat gun.
I then adhered the paper rectangles together, overlapping the bottom right corner of one and the top left corner of the other. I repeated this and adhered the photos the same way. This created a funky shaped photo mat.
I then glued the matted photos to the background, see the final layout for the positioning. The next step was to create a rectangle boarder around the photos.
To do this I used the rectangle edge from the Basket Background stamp. I covered up my photos with some scraps of cardstock, so that they wouldn't get any ink on them. I then used some purple ink and stamped the rectangle around both photos. 
I then decided that the background didn't look complete I felt it need a bit more of a mulberry colour to it to complement the colour palette in the challenge. So I mixed my own colour using two Colour Blast Colour Sprays. I poured a small amount of Bubblegum Colour Spray into a container then added two tiny drops of Indigo Colour Spray. I mixed them well and added a boarder around the very edge of my base. I then added a drop of the liquid to the edge and blew through a straw to make the liquid spread out across the cardstock. 
I embellished the layout by adding some paper flowers.
The final step was to add a title. 
I am happy with how it has turned out, I do know I need some more purple tones and hues in my scrapping supply for the future as I am now out of them. They are not usually a colour I use much but I really like the monochromatic way it all looks.
Thanks for stopping by.

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