Wednesday 9 December 2020

Shine from within by Linda Pearson

 Hi everyone,  This is my first time posting as a creative team member.  

I have created an art journal page with lots of layers and fussy cutting using a variety of Bee Arty products.  Enjoy! 😉

The following image highlights the Bee Arty products used.

General materials List:

journal book or scrap book page, gesso, paint colours; blue (background), magenta/white, leaf green, payne's grey/white, wet wipes, paper towel, brushes and palette knife, paint wedge or credit card, blending tool or foam sponge, foil card (white and light green) and adhesive.

Bee Arty products:

White cardstock  12" x 12" 350gsm x 1 sheet

My Lady – A4  Stencil Forever my always range

Within 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper  or choose an alternative sentiment for page

String Wreath – Metal Die   Love and grace collection

Bird Talk Metal Die   Spread your wings collection

*Distressed Wings stencil is no longer available.  Alternative options for background stencil:

Rhythm Follow your dreams range

Triangles Forever my always range

Colourblast Paste  -   Envy, Rose Petal and Singing the blues

Dorland’s wax medium

Surface preparation:

Apply a layer of White Heavy Gesso over page, dry off.

Apply light blue background colour over the page, dry off.

Using the *distressed wings (or alternative) stencil rub White Heavy Gesso through the stencil using a blending tool or foam sponge.

Using the same *distressed stencil (or alternative) stencil apply Colourblast Paste - singing the blues through the stencil randomly over the page, allow to dry.


Mix a touch of white paint into payne's grey to lighten a little, then using the artist's wedge (or credit card) dipped in paint add random broken lines over the surface and border also, dry off.


Using a blending tool and black archival ink rub the ink with blending tool through the stencil onto the White cardstock.  Please note: only use the floral sprays (tape off the lady's face with masking tape) in the print.  Try to fit 2 onto the one sheet of White cardstock.


Painting the flowers; use 2 shades of leaf green paint to loosely fill in leaves.  
Please note: I painted up 2 coloured sprays of flowers and left one spray of flowers with no colour.  
Paint the flower petals in 2 shades of light magenta as base colour.  Allow to dry.

With a brush load up some Colourblast Paste in Envy add thick texture to the leaves with the paste.  Repeat for the flower petals using Colourblast Paste in Rose Petal, apply loosely and thickly over parts of the petals allowing some of the background colour to show through.  Allow to dry.

Fussy cut the sprays of flowers as closely as you can (I chose to leave a tiny white outline around the shapes so I didn't have to highlight the shapes later on).  


Cut shapes using the die cuts 
String Wreath – Metal Die from the foil card (2 from each colour).
Using off cut from centre of wreath die cut out the Bird Talk Metal Die (you may not use all the diecut shapes, depends on the size of your page.

For this page I cut some of the words from the Within scrapbook page ... but you may choose to use your own sentiment.

Layout all the cut out sprays of flowers, string wreaths, birds and words onto page.  Arrange the layers to your taste.  I cut a couple of the leaves off and did not use one of the coloured sprays and a white string wreath.  Again it depends on the size of your page to determine how much you use.
When you're happy with layout, adhere all the elements onto the background page.

Finally,  apply a little Dorland’s wax medium over the areas with Colourblast Paste this help to protect your artwork from sticking to other pages.


  1. Fantastic first post Linda, Awesome AJ page I can't wait to try these techniques for myself <3

  2. Great work Linda, I love that stencil too..

  3. Gorgeous Linda!! I just love how you have used the stencil to create those divine flowers!