Friday 5 June 2020

Mix Match by Tracey Campbell

Hello and welcome, it is my turn on the blog today and I am sharing a layout I created by mixing and matching a few of the Bee Arty ranges together. For this layout there is a lot of controlled tearing, this means to tear images from a range of patterned papers, do it slowly so you don’t accidentally tear the image. If you do have a mishap just stop tearing and try and tear around it – it can be glued back together when you adhere the image to the background paper
From Effie pattern paper in the Love and Grace range, tear out the foliage images.
Control tear around the flowers, twigs and bee images from the Portia pattern paper in Love and Grace range.
Tear around the flowers and leaves from the Heart cut apart sheet in the Love and Grace range.
Adhere with glue the foliage, bees and flowers to Muse pattern paper from the Arty Farty Range, roughly in this formation.
This is the arrangement I did when I glued them down onto the base page.
Once the glue is dry use a sand block or a fine grain piece of sand paper and sand the edges of where the torn paper meets the base pattern paper.
Using the Heavy White Gesso dry brush over the paper. For the newbies, dry brushing is when you use a dry brush and only lightly dip the top of the bristles into the Gesso and apply a little bit at a time to giving you many streaks, an opaque look and texture to the page.
This is how my final white dry brushing turned out.
Next add colour back to the page by continuing to dry brush, I have added three different colours, the next three photos show what colours and how I made them. Mix Saffron Colour Spray with Heavy White Gesso and then dry brush it onto the background in random areas. Tip: Mixing the Colour Blast Colours with Heavy White Gesso dilutes them down.
Mix Duke Colour Shimmer Dust with Heavy White Gesso and then dry brush it onto the background in roughly the same areas as the diluted Saffron, but do not completly cover all of the Saffron colour you want all three colours to be seen.
Mix Olive Green Colour Mica Powder with Heavy White Gesso then dry brush onto the background. This will give nice shimmery look to your base. Apply randomly over the base paper.
While the Heavy White Gesso is still wet place the Laced stencil over it and wipe off the coloured gesso with a baby wipe. Move the stencil around on the page to take off more gesso in random areas.
This is a photo of how it looks once the gesso is wiped off.
Using Script stamp from the Memories stamp set and some brown ink randomly stamp the script image over the page.
Next use the Magic stamp and some red ink stamp the image onto the background, in the rough area where you will place the photo. HINT: Don’t ink all of the image and use your fingers to randomly press down the stamp, this creates a more ad-hoc image and not a full stamped image.
Add some stamped foliage on the page by using the leaves stamp from the Floral Delights 1 stamp set and some blue ink. Set aside to dry.
Once the ink is dry use the packaging technique to add some Coffee Colour Spray to the back ground. For newbies the packaging technique is when you take some plastic (from old packaging) and spay some colour spray onto it and press it down over the paper – it creates random splotches of colour.
Here is how my background is looking at this stage. You can see the placement of the stamps and Colour Spray.
Mat a 6x4 inch landscape photo with Beloved patterned paper from Vampyre Rose range with a 5ml boarder. Distress the edge with a paper distressing tool or a sharp pair of scissors. Next double mat the photo with white wood look from the Elmore patterned paper in the Love and Grace range, distress the edges.
 Add splatters to the background with the straw from the Coffee Colour Spray.
Add the title by using the Live Life stencil from the Love and Grace range and spread through Leather Colour Paste with a palette knife. Repeat this so that you have three titles running down the page. See final image for the positioning.
Using the Ultramarine Watercolour from the Colour Blast Pan Watercolour set from the Inspired collection, the Steel Shimmer Pot Watercolour and a water brush  paint the five dragonflies on the Bliss cut a part sheet from Life's a Beach range. Once dry fussy cut them out.
Use your finger to spread a layer of Leather Colour Shimmer Spray on to the journalling spot from the Bliss cut apart sheet from the Life's a Beach range. Tip: I used my finger as it give it a light layer and it speeds up the drying process. Once dry fussy cut out the shape and use a black marker to write some journalling about your photo.
Adhere the mated photo to the background, see final layout for the positioning. Adhere some gauze at the top right and bottom left of the photos. Adhere the journalling spot over the gauze positioned under the bottom left hand side of the photo. Glue the dragonflies on and for the final touch add some green bling  diagonally across the page, running from top right to bottom left.Tip: Placing photos and embellishment on your layout in diagonals helps to create movement as you eye moved over the flow of the layout.
Hopefully I have inspired you to pull out some unused papers from any range that you have left and look at how you can change them slightly and use up your stash. 

Take care and keep scrapping.

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