Wednesday 10 June 2020

Don't Speak by Ros Aggett-Madley

Hi everyone, hope you are all still staying safe and also warm.

I make these backgrounds sometimes where I just lay down some water and what ever I have near me.  This time it was some Bubblegum Colour Artist Spray and some Mermaid (yummmm) and Calypso Colour Artist Ink.   I let it just sit on top of the page and then squash another piece of card on top to make a couple of prints, just like I remember doing in primary school.

I make multiple of these and sometimes take them to work and doodle a little on my breaks.  This is how this girl started, filling in time at 3 in the morning and I just could not get her mouth to work.  I made a mess of her but couldn't bring myself to ditch her so took her home and threw her into the 'one day I'll finish that' pile.

She wouldn't stop looking at me though so I just went with it.  
I have used the That Way Stencil to add a star where her messy mouth was.   This was done with some Heavy Black Gesso and a sponge and outlined in white pen.

I have again used the Black Gesso and a sponge, this time with the Grungy Splat Stencil.  
I added some more colour to her eye with some Calypso that was not watered down and when dry, went over the top of the eye with a Clear Shimmer Pen.  
The little ...Shh at the bottom is some Scrap FX alpha transparency. 

Hope you've been inspired 💙

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