Friday 7 June 2019

Best Friends by Michelle Henderson

Hi! Today I'm using a simple technique which has been around a long time, but has been back in the spotlight recently
Here's a little taster.....

I used a few little dots of both Black Heavy Gesso and White Heavy Gesso on damp Kraft cardstock in random spots. Then I laid plastic wrap lightly over the top, and gently smoothed the 2 colours into each other.  Every now and then I lifted the wrap and sprayed a little more water. Once I was happy with it I let it air dry  - it took quite a while!!

Once it was totally dry, I used Colour Paste in Sunshine to stencil in some areas.

Finally, I mixed a little Colour Shimmer Powder in Sunflower with water a spread some on my page near the stencilling using the packaging technique. I finished it off with a brush, and then splatters (of course!)

I had pre-arranged my photo and layers so added these on too now, plus another cluster to balance the page. That's it!

You could also add any of the mediums like Colour Artist Inks or Colour Shimmer Dust
to the gesso - I might try this later! I hope you take some time to try this simple technique 😀

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