Thursday 10 January 2019

Wild & Free by Suzy Loudon

Welcome back. I hope the New Year has started off well for everyone.
Today's page is all about Colour Shimmer Dusts...those lovely little pots full of colour.

Today I used some watercolour paper. The tags and backing I used to form the background is also watercolour paper. Once stuck down I used Heavy White Gesso through a stencil.

I activated my Colour Shimmer Dusts in my watercolour palette tray. I used Paris, Peacock & Cobalt. Remember you only need a tiny amount as they are very vibrant. You can always add more if you want a brighter colour. These little pots go such a long way.

Using a big paint brush I added the activated Colour Shimmer Dust onto my page. Then quickly sprayed it with water. I dried each area with my heat gun before moving on to the next area.

I did this until my whole page was covered.

I decided to add some definition by activating my Midnight  Colour Shimmer Dust & going around all my edges. Again using a paint brush then spraying with water to make it run slightly.

I then painted my chipboard with Heavy Black Gesso.

And some other chipboard in Heavy White Gesso

For my chipboard title I generously painted with Gesso the sprinkled glitter over it while it was still wet.

I did the same thing with some chipboard feathers.

Once you are finished using your Colour Shimmer Dust. Don't tip it out. Set it aside. The water evaporates leaving behind the Dust ready to be re-activated next time.

To complete my layout I added some finishing touches with some beads, micro beads, mermaid bubbles, art stones, cheese cloth, a flower & silk.

Thanks for looking.
xxx Suzy

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