Tuesday 20 September 2016

Expo Tags by Krisy Podolak

Hi Everyone, Today I am sharing another Brisbane Expo 2016 "creation" or should I say "Creations". On the Sunday, I spent some time on the Colour Blast Stand demoing products for passers by. Being that this was the last day and a range of people had been demoing for every hour of the 2 days before there were quite a few samples floating around. For ease of demoing in such a small space, tags were used to showcase the products and by the Sunday there were quite a few of them half done. I decided that I would finish these so that they would not go to waste. Not only did it mean half the work was done but I could show visitors how they could used the products as a base and build on them to create some really beautiful pieces.

I am not going to explain the process step by step in this blog post for a few reasons; these being

1. I didn't make the bases so I can only assume the products used (although I'm pretty sure I know)

2. The bases aren't my work but thanks to all the other Colour Blast Team that demoed and left them behind (it made my job a little easier especially after a fantastic dinner out with my creative tribe the night before)

3. I wanted to show how to actually finish pieces using samples or left overs

Now that is explained, I will give you a run down of what I did do. I used tags finished by someone else. I used Chipboard and embossed it using the Colour Embossing Powders. I used a Prima Bird stamp I purchased at the show, stamped it in Stayzon Ink so that it was water fast and then painted them Using the New Colour Shimmer Dust. I then fussy cut them and used them as embellishments. I also added a bit of thread for texture and visual interest. To some of the backgrounds I added a bit of something else, some stamped texture, another layer of Colour Paste or some embossed texture but I generally left them as is.

I created quite a few cards in my tags in my time on the stand just using what was there as inspiration I planned nothing. It was a really great process to finish off a process that someone else had started. I think this is a great idea for an art journal class if anyone wants to have me come and teach it. Do let me know. ;) 

Here they are and some close ups:

 Krisy x

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