Saturday 14 August 2021

Dream, Believe, Achieve by Tracey Campbell

Hello everyone, Happy Saturday. Today I am sharing my latest creation using the Find Paradise Collection by Fiona Paltridge, it a lovely collection that has soft touches of pink/peach and minty green shades. Perfect for those dreamy photos of photos of your favourite holiday in a tropical setting. 
I've picked a photo of my oldest daughter Bronte and one of her friends that she doesn't get to see very often but when they do meet up it is like that just saw each other. A sign of a true friendship.

Dream, Believe, Achieve

I wanted to add a contrasting colour to the beautiful colour scheme of Find Paradise so that it would pop out. I had no idea of which colour to use so I decided to look at a colour wheel and see what the triadic colour would be. A triadic colour scheme is comprised of three colours evenly spaced on the colour wheel (you can also use the in-between hues). Because of the strong contrast, a triadic palette is generally quiet dramatic, but by using toned down shades it cuts the colour down to manageable (visually pleasing) levels.  In the wheel below you can see that the peachy/pinks would sit in the "Orange" triangle - I think about hues 2 and 5. The mint/green would sit in the "Green" triangle - hues 9 to 7. So I looked at the triadic colour and looked at the Violet and Blue Violet colours - at first I was thinking the higher number hues 6 - 9 but as I was playing around with colours I decided to go with an extreme contrast. So I picked a Blue Violet colour with the hue of 1. I like how it has turned about, you will have to let me know what you think. 

After I picked the contrasting colour I went through my Bee Arty Colour Blast products to see what I had and found. I found Just Blue and Royalty in the Shimmer Cubes and Indigo Colour Spray. I cut out three of the larger floral blooms from the Botanicals patterned paper and painted them with a waterbrush with the Just Blue and Royalty in the Shimmer Cubes and Indigo in the Colour Spray.

Next I fussy cut the peach blooms, 3 of the palm leaves and the painted large blooms from the Botanical patterned paper.

I wanted a pieces of paper the same as my contrasting blooms are, but didn't have any so decided to create my own. First up I sprayed some Indigo Colour Spray onto a piece of white cardstock, I wanted a fine spray and a large dotty/splatter look and to do this I sprayed the cardstock normally a few times, which creates the fine spray. Then I pushed the head of the spray very slowly, this techniques gives you larger drops/splats of stray.  

At this stage I didn't like how it looked so while it was still wet I used the plastic packaging technique to spread the larger splats out.

I then took the head off the Indigo Colour Spray and used the straw to draw random lines on the cardstock and then little leaves on the lines. I was copying the look of the lines in the wreath on the Mystic Garden pattern paper. 

Here is what is the cardstock for my mat turned out like.

Once dry I used the contrasting cardstock to mat the photo.

I decided to actually use the Mystic Garden pattern paper as the base of my layout but once again decided I need to add the contrasting colour. So I grabbed the purple Life of Colour paint pen and mimic the look of the wreath in the design. I drew large purple circles and then added a few little leaves and dots.

Here is what it looked like after I had finished mimicking the wreath. 

Next I adhered the matted photo down, however before i did I wanted to soften it a bit so I added tissue paper behind the matted photo. 

I still thought that the design was still too hard so I added some bandage fibers to the base to soften it and add texture.

To adhere it I used some Dimensional Magic in drops so that they formed clear balls that mirror the look of an acrylic dot. Here is a close up. Tip: make sure that you leave them long enough to dry (I left mine over night) or they can smudge. 

Next I arranged the fussy cut blooms and leaves over the left side and bottom right corner of the layout. 

I used 3 dimensional tape to add depth and adhere the fussy cut images to the page.

To finish off the page I fussy cut a title from the Breath pattern paper and adhered just off the top right hand corner of the photo. 

Here is the final layout. I really like the colour scheme, soft with a touch of pop.

I hope that I have given you some ideas and inspiration. 



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