Wednesday 13 October 2021

Road Trip Folio - Part 1 by Tracy Jackson

                                                                 Hello Bee Arty Fans

Today I am starting a two part DT post making a folio from  Road Trip Collection.
In the first post we will be making the Main body using4 things - Road Trip Collection, 1 manila folder and 3 envelopes ( 2 larger ones and 1 small)
Lets get started

All manila folders will be slightly different in length and width. Mine measures 32cm across. You want to find the middle and score 1/8 on either side so this makes a small spine

Next pick out and cut 4 sheets of paper that will be the cover, 2 middles and back. 
I have cut mine so I leave about 2mmaround edges that show the folder. 

Before gluing all down ink all edges of paper and manila.
I used Art Glitter Adhesive 



Next ink around all edges of the envelops

Pick paper to cover envelopes and ink

First large and small envelope -  have both flaps pointing outwards (see photo), this will be for the left hand side.... IMPORTANT - glue small envelope flap on top off large envelope and glue down pre cut paper so that small flap is between the two

flip small envelope over so it sits on top of large envelope

Glue pre cut paper onto second envelope

Open manila folder up and glue flaps down on bottom edge

Use Art Glitter Adhesive to glue bottom half, then flip over and glue down.
I use an old credit card to smooth all the glue out.

Inside folio with envelopes folded in

Inside of envelopes opened out

That's part 1 of the folio done. Hope you found my instructions easy to follow. If you are following along and have any questions, or get stuck - feel free to message me
You are free to decorate as you please.... or wait for part two, where I will show each section decorated.

Until next time, stay safe..
Happy crafting

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