Monday 12 April 2021

Life's Snapshots!

Welcome Bee Arters!  

Today's project provides a 'shapshot' of the upcoming collection Destination Anywhere by Queenie Y.  The Destination collection to be released mid April can be pre-ordered through the Bee Arty Kit Club - click on the link to subscribe.

This journal page uses some cardstock and stencils from the range to create a metaphoric relationship between the photographic process and life's challenges.

 Materials required

  • Art journal book (I have glued the cardstock page into my art journal book, but you could easily use the cardstock as a photo layout)
  • Adhesive or matt medium
  • water soluble pencil in a dark brown colour
  • palette knife
  • Colour paste – leather, sienna and bling
  • Destination Anywhere Collection collection by Queenie Y.
    • A6 Traces Stencil
    • A5 Capture Stencil
    • A4 Pavement Stencil
    • Journey cardstock (from collection)
    • Notes (from collection - small section cut out)

I cut the cardstock to fit into my art journal book (A4) but you could use the whole sheet as part of a photo layout just as easily.  Adhered into journal using craft glue or matt medium.

Using the spotted part of the Destination Anywhere Collection - Pavement stencil, apply a liberal amount of Colour paste - sienna over the cardstock.  

Using the A5 capture stencil from the Destination Anywhere Collection, apply a liberal amounts of  Colour paste - sienna through part of the stencil, dry off.  Then apply more Colour paste - bling over the other part of camera stencil to blend the pastes through.

Apply Colour paste - bling liberally through the A6 Traces stencil Destination Anywhere Collection, over several places on the top and bottom of the page.

Use a dark brown (water soluble pencil) to outline the camera, the border of the page and around the Traces stencil.  Spray the pencil with a little water to allow the pencil to move and drip around the page.  Dry off.

Finally, add some Colour paste - sienna around the edge of the page with your finger.  Dry off.

Add a photo or sentiment to a cut off section from the Notes cardstock Destination Anywhere Collection.  Again I added Colour paste - sienna around the edge of the cut out section with your finger.  Dry off.  Use tape to adhere the cut out to the main page.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are encouraged to pre-order this amazing collection from Bee Arty Kit Club.


Linda Pearson 

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