Wednesday 4 March 2020

'Celebrate' by Amy C

Hi everyone! It's Amy here! ... am super excited to be sharing my first DT post for Bee Arty!

I have here a bright and fun mixed media page using various - but all awesome - Bee Arty products. 

To start, I primed a piece of white cardstock with Colour Blast White Heavy Gesso. It is important to prime your page before working with wet mediums as a means to protect your page. 

Once dried, I lightly marked where my photo was to be placed. This helped me as I added the mixed media layers to the page.

Next, I took the Bricked A6 Stencil and used a spatula to spread some modelling paste through the stencil over the page. You could then either set aside to dry or use a heatgun to speed up the drying process. 

After it dried, it was time to add some colour, but before I applied some colour - using the Colour Artist Inks - I lightly sprayed water over the areas where the colour was to be added. This allowed the inks to easily run on the page creating the desired effect.

I started with the Colour Artist Ink in 'Slipper' first and gently squeezed over various areas of the page as pictured. It is quite concentrated and super bright. I moved the page around to allow the ink to run a little. I heat-dried this colour before moving on to the next colour.

As pictured, I have repeated this process for three colours: 'Slipper', 'Citrus', and 'Cider'.
Note: it is important to dry well in between each colour, to prevent the colours 'bleeding' into each other. 

Next I took the 'Life is Tough' and 'Textiles' Clear Stamps Sets and - with a permanent-based ink - stamped over the coloured areas. These stamps work so beautifully - and so I used them vertically and horizontally around the page.

Next I added some splatters of the Colour Artist Ink in 'Soot' mixed with water. You could use either a fan brush or a normal small tipped paint brush for this. 

Before I adhered my photo to the page, using a permanent black pen and a household item I drew a circle and placed the photo inside the circle.

Once the page background was complete I finished it off with a few embellishments. 

Have a look at these close ups:

Thank you for looking and I hope this might inspire you to try some of these techniques! 


Products Used:
Clear Stamp Sets - Life is Tough and Textiles

Other Products:
Heavy white cardstock
Paint brush
Black permanent pen
Black permanent ink

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