Friday 15 February 2019

You & Me Always by Michelle Henderson

Hi all!

I have a fairly simple layout for you today, but still quite effective I think.

I had seen a page in an old mag where the drips from spray looked like they ran up rather than down, and I thought "That's just wrong" but it stayed in my head and I thought I'd try it myself.

I used the Colour Artist Inks diluted down by about 20:1 as they're so strong.

I first used Calypso,  building up in layers, then a little Marine to strengthen it.

I used gessoed cardstock on the left, and watercolour paper on the right to give you an idea of how different it looks.

Once it was dry, I splattered a little bit of Cider around for a contrast.

After that, I stenciled in the general area of my photo with Colour Paste in Snow White. I heated it so that it puffed up, just love that effect. 

That's really it, just a few little stickers, ephemera, and thread to finish it off 😃

Oh, and I'm a convert  - my drips can run whichever way they please😆

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