Friday 24 February 2023

Spread your wings created by Linda Pearson

I created this tag to showcase one of my favourite techniques that I love to do and I thought, what better paper collection than using the vibrancy of colour that the Fireworks collections designed by Queenie Y offers.
This technique could easily be adapted to suit a scrapbook layout and would look amazing on a card or journal page.  Enjoy and I hope you are encouraged to have go.
Fireworks paper collection pack designed by Queenie Y.
bonfire 12X12 scrapbooking paper
magical 12x12 scrapbooking paper
candles A4 stencil
white cardstock 250gsm
on-point metal die
Colourblast colour paste – fire engine (or rose petal)
paper cutting machine
liquid adhesive, double-sided tape
masking tape
cutting blade
4 cabochons
paint pens
quote and embellishment
Images 1a – 1b – 1c
1a – Cut the magical scrapbooking paper into around 5mm thick strips (you can use other offcuts from your stash also).  Cut from the white cardstock a large tag (95mm X210mm).  Cut the tag shape from the bonfire scrapbooking paper.
1b and 1c – Cut similar size cuts into the tag shape (also around 5mm thickness – this can vary also if preferred).  Begin weaving the blueish strips through the tag (follow the pattern -  row 1 under and over then row 2 over and under – each row is opposite to the previous row threading).  
N.B. don’t despair if you notice you have mis-threaded at some point, it will not be that noticeable at the end.
After each row gently push the strip upwards to secure. There will be lots of overhand that will be dealt with later.
Images 2d – 2e
2d and 2e -  Continue threading until you reach the bottom.  Use a craft knife to level the cut lines if necessary.  Also, as you get towards the end it becomes a little more difficult but work it.  when threading complete cut all the excess strips back to the edge of the tag. Add a dot of liquid adhesive at the end of each row to secure the strips, 4 edges (top and back of tag).
Image 3f
Mask off the candles on the candles stencil so that only the stars border is going to be added to the tag.  Apply the colour paste with a catalyst tool (or palette knife) through stars on the stencil.  N.B. in this sample I used Fire Engine (I thought I was picking up Rose Petal but I ran with it and think it is okay – oopsie!!).   Allow to dry.
Images 4g and 4h
4h – Run the on-point die through the die-cut machine onto white cardstock, twice.
4g -  Using a blending brush or similar tool, dab some of the colour paste onto left over one of the die cut shapes (I did 2 coats).
Images 4i
Add double-sided tape onto the white tag then secure the bonfire tag over the white tag to give extra stability.
Image 4j - assembling tag
-          Add some splatters in coordinating colours ( used teal and red) to the tag. 
-          Cabochons – colour the bottom of the domes with paint pens (teal and red), allow to dry.
-          Secure the white die cut shape to the top of the tag (with large triangle facing to top of tag).  Next, secure the coloured die shape with liquid adhesive -  large triangle facing towards the bottom of tag.  Outline the shapes with fine black pen
-          Add the cabochons to the tag with high stick adhesive; large, small (red) small, large as per sample)
-          Distress the tag border with black archival ink
-          Add appropriate quote and embellishment.  I chose this butterfly as the colours reflect the background colours.
Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment to let me know how you might use this technique in your own creative way.
Cheers from Linda

Inspired Art Journaling with YCP

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