Wednesday 18 January 2023

River Deep - Sandi Spink

Hi everyone, for those that know me I love getting my fingers into the mediums I use and be inspired by what comes of experimenting with mix media, becoming familiar with them and how they move and interact with others. The best way I like to do this is in my art journals. Today I'd like to share with you what happened when I mixed white gesso with a couple of the Colour Pastes from BeeArty's collection. 

Products used included:

White Gesso (For background)

Colour Paste- Turquoise & Stormy Weather (For background)

Colour Spray- Road Base (For the trees)

Life of Colour Acrylic Pens- black, blue & white (For Doodling)

Phrases and papers from my BeeArty Stash.

I started with adding a generous amount of White Gesso to my journal page to seal the pages and soften/cover the text. Whilst the gesso was still wet I decided to see what would happen if I added some Turquoise and Stormy Weather Colour Paste with my fingers, sliding it across the page in sections.

In the beginning I didn't have an inspiration for the page but after completing the base with the gesso and Colour Paste, it resonated with me about the deep waters and impact of the River Murray Floods at the moment, the need for the waters to travel on and that when they calm the amazing people of Australia will be there to help the people who have been affected. I was amazed to see a couple of words from the underlying text stand out through the background 'life' 'people'. 

Next step on my page was to spray some Road Base Colour Spray onto my working mat and using the edge of the spatula and a cutting action add some tree/branches. 

It was really important to ensure all these layers were completely dry before starting the doodling with the Life of Colour Acrylic Pens.  By adding some horizontal marks along the water it gives the impression of the water moving across the paper.

The last layer was the adding of the journaling, papers, photo and phrase.

Hope this has inspired you to get your hands painty and explore your products a little more.

Happy crafting 


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