Sunday 13 March 2022

Photo Tape Transfer by Sandi Spink

 I love creating in my art journal and incorporating photos of my family, I have found that the photos and layering lots of papers onto my journal pages makes my book very chunky, so pages need to be removed to incorporate that thickness they add to my book. I have been experimenting how to overcome this and remembered being shown how to use packing tape to transfer images, so I thought I'd have a go at it and take some photos along the way to show you.

All you need is : 

Packing Tape- wide

Water in a bowl

Wet Ones.

A photo or thick scrapbooking papers you want to use the image of.


Step 1: Cover the image with the tape, overlapping the tape slightly if it's not wide enough. (I will be sourcing wider tape in the future) Ensure you don't have bubbles under the surface and rub over the tape to ensure all the photo/image has adhered well to the sticky surface.


Step 2: I placed a wet one which I had socked in water ( you could use paper toweling instead) over the image to begin to soften the backing paper of the photo. 

Step 3: Keeping the wet one wet dipping it into a bowl of water regularly, begin to 'gently' rub off the backing paper, take your time as you don't want to rub too hard or the image will possibly lift as well or the tape where it has joined may part.

Step 4: Keep checking the front of the image to see if you have missed any paper, as the image will be patchy looking as my does in the image below, so I gently continued until I was happy with the finished image. 

Step 5: Cut off the excess tape and your image is ready to use in your projects. 


I also used some of the phrases cut out and tried with this technique and it worked really well.

Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial blog and you are able to make your own transfers in the future. 

This photo will be featured on my next share on facebook

Happy Creating


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