Friday 9 July 2021

LOVE THIS PLACE by Judy Cullen

 Hello Bee Arty Friends,

Today I am sharing with you my layout featuring our visit to Moulin Rouge in May 2019. I thought this photo would suite the Destination Anywhere kit if I kept to the black and white theme of the Arrival page with a smudge of red to make the photo pop.

1.To begin with I cut all the drawings out of the Arrival page. This allowed me to play with them all when determining the  final design. The excess I stored in a zip lock bag for later projects.

2. I have used the 350gsm white cardstock as it holds mixed media products beautifully. I started by stencilling the  CB Pavement stencil using CB Black Gesso in the left upper corner and the bottom right corner. Clean your stencil as you need it for the next step.

3. Using the same Pavement stencil drip some Sunburnt CB Artist Ink onto the bottom part of the stencil.

4. Turn  the stencil over and gently smooch it onto the top of the already stencilled area. You can do this until you are happy with the red contrast.

5. Using the CB Watermark Stamp, stamp randomly over this completed area to add some more interest and texture.  

6. Mount you photo onto black cardstock and place in the centre of you layout. Now its time to put your page together. Play with your  drawings you previously cut out tucking them around and under your photo until you are happy with them. I also painted or tinted some of mine with the CB Sunburnt Ink. I added some small pieces of chipboard embossed with a mixture of Jet Black and Silver Detail CB Embossing Powder and then stamped the date, time and place using the Destination Stamp. And this is the end result. Enjoy.

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