Monday 5 July 2021

Getting The Most Out Of Your Kits by JUDY CULLEN

Hi Everyone, 

I am sharing a layout I have completed using the tiny pieces I had left from the "Aim High" collection by Cindy Porter using tags. Tags are a great resource to use when testing mixed media products, adding layers then using them on Scrapbooking or Art Journalling pages.

When I commence a scrapbooking page I usually start with a photo which then becomes my inspiration for colour and design. The photo I chose was blue and green. The blue fitted perfectly with the "Aim High" collection but I needed to add some green and decided this was an opportune time to play with CB Shimmer Dust.

This is my happy mess result and instructions on how to play along with me.

1. Cut two tags 18cm x 7cm and two tags 12.5cm x 5.5cm.

2. Cut a suitable photo 11cm x 6.5cm and mount on a piece of left-over paper with a piece of cardstock between to give some height so you can tuck embellishments in the side.

3. Now the fun part - completing those tags. To achieve the green I used CB Shimmer Dust Sunflower, Peacock and Navy. To do this sprinkle the Shimmer Dust randomly in small amounts and spray with water, continue this until you achieve the desired colour. Then add layers using words, stamps, flowers (Flower Power Metal Die) and cogs (Cog Globe Metal Die) embossed with CB Tuscan, Golden Blue and Stormy Weather. I added some washy tape, burlap and string.

4. Using the 350gsm white cardstock, attach a string/ribbon across the page about a third down from the top and anchor with a brad or staple.

5. In the bottom third use the Flower Pennant Stencil and CB Colour Paste Steel

6. Attach your tags to both ends of the string/ribbon leaving a gap in the middle for the photo using only one staple on each to allow for overlapping and movement.

7.Add a small piece of cardboard to the mounted photo so it sits on top of the tags and glue it to the page. I then tucked some cogs between these layers.

8. To finish add some small elements from your stash (paper clips, pegs, tassels, ribbon), a title and border.

Now lets see what you can do with your little bits and pieces. Cheers Judy.

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