Thursday 4 April 2019

My Girl by Suzy Loudon

Bright is not normally my thing. I'm not sure what got into me. Think it must be this never ending summer & heat. But none the less I am quite happy with it.

For this layout I used watercolour card. I cut up small squares of bubble wrap I had laying around. Dabbing each square straight into my artist inks I transferred the colour onto my card. The Artist Inks I used were Sunburnt, Cider, Citrus, Grass, Calypso & Berry. Berry wasn't a dark enough purple that I was after so I overlapped/mixed it with Calypso.

Once dry I randomly stamped using the Colour Blast Stardust Butterflies & Live Your Dreams sets.

By this stage it was getting late & I was lazy so I just dipped my white flowers into my Artist Ink bottles. I left them to drip dry overnight. I mixed Cobalt & Berry to make the darker purple & painted 2 flowers.

As I had a feeling they would be, the dipped flowers were very dark. So With Calypso, Grass & Sunburnt I sprayed a little water on my craft mat before adding the Ink. Then using a paintbrush to transfer the ink.

I kept it pretty simple when putting my layout together.
Here's some close-ups.

Thanks for looking.
xxxx Suzy

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