Monday 8 January 2018

Dyeing with Colour Artist Ink by Selena Stevens

Today I am bringing to you dyeing with some of the Colour Blast products.

I did a time-lapse video showing how I experimented with which was the best product to use to dye with.  To watch the video click here or watch below.

I began by doing a test with 100% cotton and raffia to see which product to use.  I cut 15cm lengths and placed the material in 15ml of liquid and left it for 3 hours.  The cotton seemed to be repellent to the fluid but prior to being put in the colour it was wet and this seemed to work better.

Above are the results.  From left to right is Colour Artist Ink (Berry), Colour Shimmer Dust (Velvet), Colour Spray (Violet) and Colour Shimmer Spray (Royalty).  The Colour Artist Ink worked the best followed by Colour shimmer Dust, Colour Spray and Colour Shimmer Spray. 

After doing the test the Colour Artist Ink was the best choice for this job.  Once the macramé project was knotted, the ends to be coloured were wet with water and then placed in the Colour Artist Ink and left for several hours.  Then take it out of the colour and let it dry.

This is the finished piece.  An easy and simple way to colour string, fabric and other materials.

Here is a close up photo.

And another.

I hope you enjoyed and this inspires you to create something and I would love to see it.

Til next time

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