Monday 15 January 2018

An Introduction to Colour Blast Products Day 1 - Colour Pastes

Have you seen the Colour Blast product range?

Colour Blast has 9 products in total. For the next 9 days we are going to introduce you to each product. 

Today, we are going to introduce you to our Colour Pastes.  Our Colour Pastes are a bright and shimmery dimensional paste.

Colour Range
There are 21 colours available in the Colour Paste range.

The Colour Pastes are for use on paper, cardstock, plastic, metal, wood, chipboard and other surfaces. Once you have applied them to your project, you can allow this to dry naturally or you can use a heat tool to dry them. If they leave a sticky residue, use a spray sealer to seal project or a wax based medium to rub over the paste. This is recommended if you are using them in art journals. It is acid free, non-toxic and non flammable.

When you purchase Colour Paste and remove the black lid, you will find a foil seal, only partly peal this seal back. DO NOT TOTALLY REMOVE THIS FOIL. Ensure the edge of your jar is clean and ensure you place the black lid.

Store Colour Paste in a cool, dry, dark place out of direct sunlight.

1. Apply Colour Paste to your surface through a stencil or template.

2. Create a design using tape - such as washi tape and apply Colour Paste to this surface. Once dry, remove the tape.

3. Apply Colour Paste to your surface, allow to dry and stamp images over the paste, use this as a background or cut out the images and use as embellishments.

4. Apply Colour Paste to surfaces such as metal, chipboard - no prepping of surface required.

5. Apply Colour Paste to a black surface, allows the product to pop and really stand out.

What you can do with our Colour Paste is endless. Our design team create projects using our products and post on our blog.  Following our blog is a great way of learning other techniques.  

Our Colour Pastes are available for purchase from your local stockist or via our online website.

We are looking forward to sharing our 2nd product with you tomorrow - Colour Shimmer Spray.

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