Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Love Exists in Our Hearts & Souls Layout by Julie Schinkel

Hi Crafty Bees! Today I'm sharing a layout that I created using the stunning collection designed by Sue Smyth called "Vampyre Rose". This collection captures both "dark and light" and can be used for wedding/formal projects, masculine projects or even what I have done here.. gone to the dark side!

Here is my finished layout with a brief tutorial so you can see how I created it.

Since I have used a lot of different elements from different papers, I've circled each one so you will know exactly which pieces to use.

Take the "Smitten" 12x12 paper to use as the base (reverse side). Cut out the "Love Exists in Our Hearts and Souls" quote from the "Smitten" 12x12 paper. If you don't have a spare sheet of the "Smitten" paper, you can carefully cut it out from your base, cover with scrap paper at the back and then place your embellishments over the area so you won't see it. Ink around the edge with Cranberry Artist Ink and a clean paint brush.

Lightly stencil around the centre photo area and random areas on each side using the "Devotion" stencil and Steel Colour Paste. It plays off the print in the paper perfectly.

Fussy cut the flower clusters from the "Immortal" 12x12 paper - front and back.

Cut out elements from the "Poison" 12x12 paper. You'll need the floral tag in tact. I've fussy cut the crow from the tag and kept the top and bottom to use as embellishments. The "Together Forever" was cut in half and used as part of the photo mat.

Cut the elements from the "Gargoyle" 12x12 paper. You'll need the medium wings, two black and white roses and the arch window which has been cut in half.

Cut floral elements from the "Beloved" 12x12 paper. I've used the reverse side for photo mat.

Using the dropper, take the Cranberry Artist Ink and dribble ink in five random places as shown. One from each side where you've stenciled coming in from the edge and three coming down from your photo area. It's meant to be blood but you can skip this part if you're not comfortable with it.

Use Cranberry Artist Ink and paint brush to edge the layout base. It doesn't have to be perfect, in fact, the messier the better. Splatter Cranberry Artist Ink with a clean paint brush randomly around the layout (make sure you cover your photo first).

Accent with red heart gems including the Crow's eye and red web trim.

Add some red ribbon to tags.

Here are some close up photos so you can see how I've created and embellished the page.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

She Flies- Chrissi Mannix

Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my first blog post as a part of the new Bee Arty Creative Team. I'm so excited to be creating as a part of the team.

Today I have created an art journal page using the Colour Artist Inks, my favourite Stardust Stencil and an easy, but awesome technique I wanted to share with you. 
I made this page using a very simple Gesso Resist technique. All you need is white gesso, a stencil of your choice and a water reactive medium of some kind.

It is as simple as applying a thin layer of gesso through your stencil of choice, and letting it dry. Then applying your water reactive medium to your page. I have used Artist Inks for this. I applied Colour Artist Inks in the colours: Calypso, Bordeaux and Slipper. The ink will move and blend over the page, but you will notice the image start to appear. When you dry your colour, take a baby wipe and wipe over the image, you will see it pop against your colours. This is the gesso resisting the ink.

Once it was dried, I added black splatters using Colour Artist Ink in Soot. To add a focal point to my page, I used an older Bee Arty stencil to add my title- She Flies. I used black gesso through my stencil for this. I love how it boldly jumps of the page.

Colour Artist Inks are some of my favourite Colour Blast products. The perform beautifully for this technique, and I love the way they blend and move. 

I also have a YouTube Video of this process if you would like to see it come together.

I can't wait to share more with you in my upcoming posts. 

Chrissi xxx

Bee Arty Products Used

Saturday, 15 February 2020

with Lisa Amiet

Hello Bee Arty Fans!

It's Lisa here today on the blog to share my first post as part of the
Bee Arty Team, I am so excited to be here!

Here is my first layout :)

I have used the gorgeous 'Find Paradise' collection, 
designed by Fiona Paltridge, and lots of other goodies!.
Perfect for my holiday pics!

I have used the 'Honey Hive A4 Stencil' and some 
'Colour Paste - Blush' to randomly stencil through onto my base page. 

I have also used the same Colour Paste to stencil through the 'Drifting Leaves A5 Stencil', 
onto white card stock. 

I love these drifting leaves! Now to fussy cut them.

I have then used the 'Geo Grunge Clear Stamp Set' and 
the 'Memories Red Rubber Stamp Set',
and black ink, to randomly stamp around the stencilled area. 

I have fussy cut the florals and foliage from the patterned papers,
to use to start building my layers, as pictured below. 

I have also fussy cut the glass. 
I have used my stencilled pieces, tucking into my layers, 

I have also used the title and sentiment cut from the papers. 

I love how this one turned out, perfect tropical feel for my page. 
I hope you like what I have created too!

Until next time!


Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Think outside the 'stencil' by Ros Aggett-Madley

Hi everyone.
It's so nice to be back after a little break in the Kit Club.

This month I'm sharing some projects using stencils.  I'm going to be trying to 'think outside the square' and find different ways to use them.

Can you remember when we first started going crazy for stencils.?  I use to need them all and they would be slapped on the page, making sure the whole thing was added.  12 x 12 or whatever size, not a bit left out.
Now there are so many different patterns and quotes, it can sometimes be instinctive to think it all has to be used.  For these 2 projects I've tried to look at them not as a whole, but as pieces that can build layers and provide different elements in my projects.

For my little journal page I started with one of my favourite ways to add a quick background.
I have mixed a little water and a small amount of Citrus Colour Artist Ink.
I simply tip this into the middle of a page and use the little tub to move it around.  Once my blob of colour is just how I want it, I use the cup as a stamp and add a few circles around the page.

After I dried this off I have added some molding paste through a couple of stencils.  For this background I chose to use the Keep Going and the 100% stencil.

Both of these stencils have quotes and words and nothing that matched what I actually wanted on the page.  What they do offer me though is a variety letters and different text.
Without thinking about what is written on the stencils, it's easy to get an interesting and textured background.  You don't have to keep them the right way up either.
Turn them around and have your letters going any way you choose, adding interest to your page.

I've then used the Live Life stencil and some Sunshine Colour Paste to add a few bees to some black card.
I thought that by adding it straight to the black card, there was no colouring needed. I made 3 bees and once dry, these have been fussy cut and glued on top of each other for dimension.

I also used the Live Life stencil on my background with some orange ink and a sponge.  Again, I have just popped random pieces of the text around my page.  All these layers that are added to your background give your piece, colour, dimension and adds interest.

In a couple of the corners I have added parts of the arrow on the 100% stencil and one of my favourite Scrap FX stamps.
Again, not using the whole piece of the arrow, it's not needed.  Just a little point from both sides of the page, drawing your eye into the middle.

My little layered up bee looks like a little 3d bee on my page.  💙

My next sample of 'thinking outside the box' with your stencils, got me a little gift card to add to my stash.
 Sometimes when you have a stencil with a lot of elements on it, it helps to section each piece off with your hands or some card and look at each part separately.
I did this with the Up Up & Away stencil and it became easy to then see that the basket from the bottom of a hot air balloon could be used as a base for so many things.

I've chosen to use it as a flower basket, but you could add anything.  Lollies, toys, hearts, fruit and breads are a few of the things I thought of.

This one stared with a little wash of Calypso and Marine Colour Artist Inks.  I have just used a wide, wet paintbrush to add this colour and heat dried.

Using a black sharpie and the basket in the Up Up & Away, I have drawn the basket onto this.
It seemed a little flat with the colour of the basket being the same as my background.  To solve this, I have used a small brush to pool water inside the basket and dabbed it up with some paper towel.  This removed some of the colour and lightened it up heaps.

The flowers and leaves are from the Flower Pennants stencil.  The flowers were sectioned off with some tape and added to some white card with Just Blue Colour Paste.  I've then carefully added the leaves with Apple of my Eye Colour Paste.  Once dried these were fussy cut and coloured with some Lime Colour Artist Ink for the leaves, and a mix of Bordeaux and Calypso for the petals.

The sentiment on the bottom of my card is from the Kind Heart Stamp Set.

I hope you've been inspired to look at stencils a little bit differently and think about how just because they say something, doesn't mean it has to be relevant to your project.  Use them to add interest to your creations, whether that be dimension or colour.

Cheers to adding more stencils to our stash 😂

Hope you've been inspired 💙