Wednesday 10 January 2018

Remember This..... by Danielle Vertigan

Its been a fabulous Christmas resting riverside
with my family and looking back over the years I really do treasure the moments and relationship we make along the way!

So with that get your White Cardstock ready!
Back it to a 12x12 sheet of cardstock because we have many layers
and lets get started.

Using Colour Artist Inks, a paint brush and an egg ring it was time to start.
Today I'm going to be working with
Berry, Slipper and later on Grass.

Holding the ring firm I painted the inside using the Slipper
Artist Ink and held the ring firm.

I then lifted the ring and replaced it to create the ring you see for extra texture.

I repeated the same process 3 times

I then found a cookie cutter with a smaller ring size.
I then repeated the process using the Berry Ink.
I did this four times.
Don't be afraid to lap the edge of the page.

I have then added a freehand border before choosing
Colour Shimmer Spray in Just Blue.

I have then spritzed my page.
You will notice I have still left some white space.

Using a musical notes stamp I have filled in selected circles.

My next layers are added with
Colour Paste in Bling 
Colour Shimmer Spray in Sunshine

I first ran the Bling Paste through my stencil and then
spritzed the page using Colour Shimmer Spray in Sunshine.
I tried to use whiter areas to avoid colour bleed.

Using the Artist Ink in grass and the tip of my paintbrush
from earlier I used a sweeping motion to add
another layer of colour.

Its now time to embellish!!

Using Sequins for a little bling and some Flower clusters.
It came together nicely.

The shimmer from the Sunshine Shimmer Spray is stunning.

Bling still has to be one of my all time favourite pastes!
A must have for anyone's kit...

And there you have it!!
Lots of colour, Lots of layers and a great mix of products.
So head on over to
and add to your collection today.

Thanks for stopping by...

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