Tuesday 23 January 2018

Day 9 Our Final Product - Mediums

Welcome to our Final Day of Introducing you to the Colour Blast Product Range.

Our final product is our Gesso.  Gesso belongs to the family of mediums. Gesso was designed to PRIME and seal surfaces.  When speaking to people, I often find people are extremely confused about mediums.  I will clear this up in a post on the 2nd of February 2018, so be sure to check this post out.

Shake well before use.  Gesso is a white based product that has been designed to prime surfaces that you may desire to use.

If you like your gesso thicken than ours, simply remove the lid and set it aside.  It can be left like this for lengthy periods, just stir every few days.  In general as it ages, gesso will thicken.

Store your Gesso in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.  

1. The basic way to use Gesso is to prime your surface you are using to create with.  This seals your surface and allows you to use wet mediums such as sprays on it, stopping the sprays from soaking through the cardstock.

2. Add texture to your project by using a stencil and gesso on the surface of your project.  You can then use a Colour Spray to spray over the area.

3. Use a small amount of Gesso and mix in other products such as Colour Mica Powder, Colour Shimmer Dust or Colour Sprays. This is demonstrated in a process video by DT member Louise Turner - video.

4. If you would like to dull the shimmer or brightness of a product you are using - you can mix a small amount of gesso into the Colour Paste or if you have already stenciled the Colour Paste or other product onto your surface, you can use a paint brush and paint a thin layer of Gesso over it.

5. Use Gesso through a stencil onto your surface.  Leave the stencil in place and before the Gesso is dry, sprinkle another product such as Colour Shimmer Dust or Colour Mica Powder over the wet Gesso.

6. You can simply use Gesso through a stencil.  This is a very effective technique.

7. Black Gesso is great to use to cover a surface and then layer your other products, such as Colour Paste and Colour Shimmer Sprays on top - makes the colour pop.

What you can do with our Gesso is endless.  We have a design team that create projects using our products. For further techniques and ideas, please follow our blog.

Gesso is available for purchase from your local stockist or via our online website.

 I hope you have enjoyed the introduction to our product ranges. I hope that this has given you a better understanding of the differences between our ranges.  Our blog is a very valuable source of information, and the members of our design team work extremely hard to educate and inspire our Colour Blast Fans.

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