Monday 10 September 2018

Trust by Suzanne Franin

Hey Everyone Suzanne here

My project was a gift for a friends birthday and this quote is perfect for her
I didn't want to do to much to the frame so I kept it simple and let the photo stand out

I used Colour Mica Powder Espresso with water over the frame 

Then went outside and sprayed a good coat of the Helmar Crystal Kote Fixative It's fantastic to stop the Colour Mica Powders from coming off without having to use it with another type of medium and this way you don't loose the gorgeous shimmer

On the background of the frame it had a fabulous texture so I used Some Colour Paste Blush just with a palette knife 
I didn't want it too thick so you can still see the texture
The Colour Paste Blush is so pretty

I had this flower in my stash (well I have lots of them) and it went perfect with everything 
I wanted to put it on the corner of the frame so I added a couple of piece of cardboard to the back of it

As you can see it needed the two pieces for the height

Then I ran some pearls through some glue to lay over the frame

I had some plain white leaves and wanted to add a bit of sparkle to it so I used some embossing liquid on the edges of the leaf then dipped it into the Colour Embossing Powder Snow White then heated it with my heat gun till it melted 
I had lots of sparkle everywhere but my leaf looked so pretty and added the pop of sparkle it needed on the frame

Here you can see the difference between the leaves

Well I hope you enjoyed my project

Thank you for visiting and I hope you will be back soon x

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