Wednesday 19 September 2018

Hello Love Layout- Chrissi M

Hello Lovelies!!!!
Chrissi back with a new 12x12 layout using an awesome stencil designed by the lovely Michelle Grant and the awesome Colour Blast Colour Pastes. 

Using a pic of my niece and I, I've decided to let my girlie side out to play-with a house full of boys, its nice to do a girlie layout now and then, but of course, I ALWAYS have to have my mixed media in there.
I started with my background. I applied my Colour Blast Colour Spray in Bubblegum to some plastic and smooshed it onto my backround to start with. Realising I wanted a much more deeper colour, I then sprayed puddles of Colour Spray straight onto the paper, then dried it with my heat gun- I'm not a paitent artist.
Now it was time to play with my Michelle Grant Flight of Fancy Butterfly Stencil. I wanted this butterfly to be the main focus of my background. To do this, I used it twice side by side, to make a larger, full winged butterfly. It was really easy to achieve this. I applied my Colour Blast Colour Paste in Just Blue, through the stencil, then dried it. Then I flipped the stencil over, lined it up with the already stenciled image, masked off the areas I didn't want my paste to go, with washi tape, and applied the paste again. I just love how it worked out.
So then to cover up my smudging in the middle of my image, I decided to add some more Colour Blast Colour Spray in Bubblegum and Indigo to the middle of my butterfly. This worked for 2 things; it covered up my terrible stenciling lol, and also gave my butterfly some depth and colour variation. I have to admit, it was a great fix.
Now it was time to start putting my layout together. I decided to use some cheese cloth to mat my photo, but I wanted to colour it. So I used some more Indigo Colour Blast Colour Spray to dye it and add some more purple to my layout.
And this is where my layout stayed for about a month. I wasn't overly thrilled with it at the time, and I just couldn't figure out where I wanted to go with it.
I finally got the layout out again and decided to start working on it again. Whilst looking at it, I decided the background was too flat, so I wanted to add some more colour to it. I got out my new Violet Colour Blast Colour Spray and painted on the colour with a paint brush. I made sure to apply a light spray of water to my page first so the colour would blend and flow into the pink.
I was starting to feel happy with the layout after this, but I wanted to add something more to the background. So I got out a solid butterfly stencil I had and used some of my Rose Petal and Just Blue Colour Blast Colour Paste to add these to random areason my background. I love how this little detail really made the layout pop.

After adding a title using some thicker words, I called it done. I really wanted that big butterfly the be the main focal point of the page, and didn't want to over embellish and take away from that. I just really love how that butterfly turned out lol. 

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