Tuesday 11 September 2018

Highlight by Kristy Abela

This one was actually my first Project using the products from Colour Blast. I received my kit from Tenisha and dived straight into using the Colour Artist Inks... I put it into "Save for later" as that month Ros and Michelle also did amazing layouts using the same colours. First world problems.. I know right!!

My turn now to showcase my sunset.. I snapped this pic on my phone when I got out of my car from my driveway last summer and I love it. It truly shows what the sunsets in Western Sydney are like.. Hotter than hell in summer and spectacular reward at the end of the day!
Have a look at some close ups and I will run through how I achieved the effect at the end. 

I started by pooling Colour Artist Inks onto my page. I started with the lightest colours first, BarleyCider and Rust. Then building up to Sunburnt and Bordeaux. I didn't prime my page. I used a semi gloss cardstock so it wasn't particularly porous as I found that the colours were more vibrant without gesso. I did this in several layers drying some areas with a heat tool to seal in the colours and left other areas wet too add more colour to blend. 

 Once dry I used Colour Artist Ink in Soot to splatter my page. 

I wasn't really satisfied with the soot on its own - too dark as I was hoping to use black embellishments to replicate the silhouette in the photo. I added some Colour Mica Powder in Olive to Gel Medium and watered it down just a touch to add some golden splatters to the background also.

 To finish off the background I added some Colour Paste in Tangerine and used a marbled stamp to add some definition to the background. I had a contrast of shimmery oranges and golds with some flat blacks.. 

 To finish off my page I created my own embellishment by colouring some watercolour paper with the same Colour Artist Inks I used for the background. 

I used the same techniques to create the clocks. I stamped the image onto cardstock I had coloured and fussy cut. 

 I used Colour Blast Heavy Gesso Black to colour some chipboard and the Colour Mica Powder in Olive to add sparkle. I love this colour when used on black as the shimmer pigment becomes the colour base.  

Lastly I also Colour Blast Black Heavy Gesso to prime my title and applied Colour Embossing powder in Sunshine.. Love the way the Embossing powder is golden on black gesso.

Hope you got some inspiration from here today!
Thanks for looking

Abela Artistry


  1. This is fantastic I love how you matched the colour artist inks so perfectly to the photo it’s amazing xxx

    1. Thanks Sue... The inks are magic and did all the work themselves.. The trick was to use cardstock that had a little bit of resist to it so it could pool not soak straight in.

  2. Love the colour and all the made embellishments to match, perfect sunset xo

  3. This was my first play with the Colour Artist Inks. I just kept grabbing pieces of different types of paper and tested how they performed. In the end I wanted to use them all... so I thought out of the box. Really glad you like it Allison. Hugz xx