Monday 3 September 2018

Beautiful by Charmane Koch

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with you a recent layout I created at the best retreat ever! I was very excited to catch up with a few Colour Blast Creative Team Members while I was there! And I may have used a few bits from other peoples stashes to complete some layouts!

To create this layout I started with watering down Colour Artist Ink Cranberry & using a Horse Hair brush and gently stroking a few strokes along a Marshmallow Cardstock.

Once dry, I have stamped & positioned strips of washi tape around where I have placed my photo.

Using Colour Paste Royalty I have used a heart stencil in different areas of my page, overlapping over the stamps and washi tape.

While waiting for the hearts to dry, I have soaked up the leftover Colour Artist Ink with a strip of Muslin and once dried I have used this by tying it into a bow.

Using a small paintbrush I roughly painted using Colour Paste Royalty to paint the "beautiful" chipboard title. I painted a few layers to create textured effect. 

I can't get enough of the shine that Colour Paste creates on my page! Just love it!

To finish off the page I have added random sequins and matching embellishments in similar colours of pink & purple.

I hope you've enjoyed my post! Thanks for stopping by! Would love to know what you think about my page!

XO Charm

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