Tuesday 25 September 2018

Wonder by Kristy Abela

Hi there... Welcome to my next inspiration.. I am a dab hand at using black.. One of the many reasons that I LOVE Colour Blast products.. 
So much Shimmer and Shine!
I wanted to have a play with the Colour Paste and their resist effect alongside the Colour Mica Powders. I wanted to create backgrounds for dry brushing effects.

I primed a 5" x 7" Canvas with Colour Blast Black Heavy Gesso and used Colour Paste in Deep Water to create these stunning wings through a stencil.

I grabbed some trinkets, chipboard and art stones from my stash and created a collage and painted it all black too. I have a happy box and just rummaged through to find some elements that had the same theme. 

I mixed some Colour Mica Powder (Cool Mint, Polar and Olive Grove) with some gel medium. The Colour Mica Powders are pigment only so if you want them to stick you need to add them to a medium.  I didn't want to dilute the colour so I used the gel medium. I then added a spritz of water to make it fluid consistency.

I dabbed it on haphazardly and then gave it another spritz of water to let it to sink deep into the cracks. Using a paper towel I dabbed off the excess. The white is the water reacting with gel medium, don't worry.. It dries clear..

I repeated the process with all three colours, drying in between. Using my damp paper towel I dabbed over the project to add colour to the rest of the canvas as well. Keep playing until you are satisfied.  
Once this was dry I used some Colour Blast White Heavy Gesso to dry brush the whole project to lift the contours out of the collage. 

I mixed up some colour out of my Colour Shimmer Cube in Singing the Blues and Bling. I used just enough water to activate the pigment and dry brushed them onto the cherub and the butterfly.

Check out the subtle shimmery effect the puddles have left. The Deep Water Colour Paste has a total resist effect and has not lost any of its shine during the process.

Here are some close ups!!

To finish off the page I used Colour Mica Powder in Leather to a title I had in my stash and were done..  

Thanks for looking and if you like to play with the Black Heavy Gesso and Colour Mica Powders be sure to upload your take in the Colour Blast Creative Corner on Facebook
Ciao for now... Kristy. 


  1. Gracias por el paso a paso.
    Lo que más me ha llamado la atención son las alas...qué bonita forma de resaltarla has conseguido.
    Todo en su conjunto es maravilloso.
    Felicidades por ello.
    Besos y feliz semana!!!

  2. Love it love how you got the rusty look it’s awesome xx