Wednesday 12 September 2018

"Galaxy" - Watercolour Painting using Colour Shimmer Dusts by Sue Plumb

Hi everyone!
Sue Plumb here to share my latest design team project with you. Today I am sharing a galaxy themed painting I created using Colour Shimmer Dusts and black and white heavy gesso. I cannot claim that this piece was my own idea, as I was inspired by several videos I saw on YouTube (search galaxy painting tutorials if you want to see some yourself).

To prepare for this project, begin with a sheet of watercolour paper. It is important to use watercolour paper, as you need a surface that will allow the paint to move and blend freely. To keep the paper flat, I used washi tape to secure it to my craft mat. I then mixed up the Colour Shimmer Dusts I was going to use with a little water in my paint palette, and set them aside.
(Also ensure you have on hand - a cup with clean water and paper towel.)

To begin, I brushed the surface of the paper all over with water (not too much), as this piece uses the "wet on wet" watercolour technique.
I started by applying the lightest blue colour I had chosen, which was Duke, using a wavy motion with my brush. You will see the colour start to wick out onto the wet paper. The colour will pool more heavily in some areas than others - this is completely fine. (There are lots more layers to go yet!) Be sure to leave a little spot or two of white space in the centre area of the page.

Once the first colour is in place, you can repeat the process with the next colour (working from lightest to darkest). I actually opted to leave out the 'Cobalt' Colour Shimmer Dust at this point and moved straight to 'Navy' instead.

I followed some of the natural lines already formed by the previous colour and used more of a dabbing motion to apply the colour this time. 
Here's a quick look at what I mean...

As you work, if you find an area is getting too wet or the colour runs where you don't want it, simply blot away with paper towel. Remember that you want the piece to be darker the closer you get to the edges.

Once you are happy with the 'Navy', repeat the process with the 'Midnight' Colour Shimmer Dust, keeping this darkest tone more concentrated to the edges of the piece
Once you have all these colours in place, allow the piece to dry a bit so you can assess it (you can use a heat gun to speed it up a bit if you wish). If you find some areas are a little dark, go back in with a brush loaded with clean water and reactivate the paint where you want to strip the colour away and simply blot some off with paper towel.

You can then go ahead and add some purple into your piece in these using either 'Passion' or 'Velvet' Colour Shimmer Dust. (Just remember not too much, and keep to the lighter areas in the centre of the page intact.) You can go back as many times as you want to with any of the colours until you get the desired effect. Once you are happy, allow it to dry completely until moving onto the next step. 

Using the white Heavy Gesso and a wooden skewer (you could also use the flat end of a small paintbrush or pencil), add some dots to represent stars around the page. Then, using the pointed end, drag the tip outwards from the centre of a couple of them to imitate the light shining from them.

For the remaining stars in the galaxy, mix a small amount of gesso and a few drops of water to make a thinner consistency. Take a small, stiff brush and use a tapping motion to add small splatters randomly all over the page and allow to dry.

To finish off, take some black Heavy Gesso and paint some tree silhouettes along the bottom edge of the page. (Don't try to be precise with these, you are not looking for perfection!)

And there you have it - painting complete! Here's a little video of the finished project close up so you can check out the details and shimmer...

Thanks for stopping by so I could share this with you. I hope I have inspired you to try one of these yourself. If you do, please share it in the Colour Blast Creative Corner so I can see it!
Until next time, happy creating!