Monday 16 October 2017

Repurposing Colour shimmer Cube Lids with Selena Stevens

Colour Shimmer Cubes should be stored with the lids off so that they can dry hard.  I didn’t feel comfortable throwing the lids away.  So, I tweaked a friends idea (Thanks Liz! Click here to see her work.) on how to use these left over lids.

To watch the time lapse video click here.

Or watch it here.

So, lets begin ...

Remove the lids from the Colour Shimmer Cubes.

Colour Paste (BlingSinging The BluesTangareen Dream and Rose Petal) was painted around the edges.

I printed out some previous artwork of mine small enough so that when I cut it out it would fit into the middle of the Colour Shimmer Cube lid.

Using Dimensional Magic or something similar, glue the cut out artwork on to the middle of the Colour Shimmer Cube and cover the top of it with the Dimensional Magic for a clear layer. Leave to dry.

Magnets were stuck onto the flat side of the Colour Shimmer Cube with Dimensional Magic.

This will create a magnet from the Colour Shimmer Cube lids.

I hope you enjoyed this.


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