Monday 9 October 2017

BeYOUtiful by Malinda

Hi all, 
I've got a page to share with you today that took me about 15 minutes all up including drying time...yep 15 minutes. How do I scrap that fast you may ask???? Well I have a sort of formula I use when doing a page and if I stick to it my pages just fall into place. I only use Colour Blast inks, sprays, pastes on my page to colour things and for my backgrounds and all the products dry super quick and are sooo easy to use.

So here's my page...

So I first do my background. A quick spray over a template of Bubblegum Colour Spray and a quick dry using a heat gun.

Next I took a raw wood veneer title beYOUtiful and first I painted it with some Colour Paste in Lipstick. Then I actually sprayed the title before it dried with some of the Bubblegum Colour Spray. Why would I do that? Well my Lipstick paste is coming to the end of it's life; it's nearly empty and what I do have left is a bit thick and hard to paint with. So I needed to give the title some depth and I wanted it to be rich and glossy and deep in colour. When I sprayed it after I'd painted it with the paste the spray seeped into the paste and the two blended and the colour became quite intense.
I dried it off and made sure I got quite close so that the paste bubbles (I love this affect on my words)

How cool does that title look. I like the dimension and depth that's been created.

  Next it's time to embellish.
I had cream flowers but not the right colour pink so I decided to colour the cream flowers I had. I simply sprayed them a couple of times with the Bubblegum spray. I purposefully made sure I didn't completely cover the flowers as I wanted some of the cream to come through.

 Lastly some wire and a few other embellishments (all from D-lish scraps of course) and I'm done.

Super quick and super easy.
All made possible with the super easy to use and super quick drying Colour products.

What do you think? Can you scrap that fast?

xxx Mal

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